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Trump Goes All-in, Files Massive $475M Lawsuit Against CNN For Defamation – Media Right News

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October 3, 2022 at 05:10PM Trump Goes All-in, Files Massive $475M Lawsuit Against CNN For Defamation – Media Right News

Former President Donald Trump went all-in today as it was announced that he has filed a massive $475 million lawsuit against CNN for defamation.

The suit was filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and his lawyers said in the suit that CNN has attempted to taint Trump “with a series of ever-more scandalous, false, and defamatory labels of ‘racist,’ ‘Russian lackey,’ ‘insurrectionist,’ and ultimately ‘Hitler.’”

Trump asserts that the cable news network has escalated a campaign of libel and slander against him recently because it fears he’ll run for re-election in 2024.

Trump’s lawyers also wrote that “Beyond simply highlighting any negative information about the plaintiff and ignoring all positive information about him, CNN has sought to use its massive influence – purportedly as a ‘trusted’ news source – to defame the plaintiff in the minds of its viewers and readers for the purpose of defeating him politically.”

CNN has recently attempted to become more moderate as ratings have been fledging and they have parted ways with a number of different liberal personalities.

The network, however, has still retained Don Lemon, moving him from primetime to the morning show, as he has been one of Trump’s biggest critics.

Another big-time Trump critic, Jake Tapper, has been moved from a weekend show to a primetime slot, which means he will be criticizing the former president daily now, undoubtedly.

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson responded to the news in a tweet, “If this moves forward, we all have a case!”

As reported last November, Tapper hosted both GOP U.S. Congressmen Fred Upton (MI) and Anthony Gonzalez (OH) who lashed out at Trump.

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