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Pete Santilli Gives FBI Demands To Investigate Their Election Roles-Protest Planned Over Inaction [VIDEO]

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9 hours after demands were made to his local OH FBI- Pete Santilli reported on the arrest of an area pastor and updated his audience on his next moves in his ‘Save America Rally’ with demands on the FBI to investigate their own role in the 2020 Election.

The video of what happened is below.

On Wednesday, Pete Santilli delivered a set of demands to the FBI after he saw the shocking news update from Tony Bobulinski about the FBI’s inaction to protect the 2020 election or investigate the Hunter Biden Laptop and what Bob alleges are crimes.

New reporters posted on Twitter: “Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski reveals that he presented evidence to the FBI that the Bidens committed multiple felonies but FBI agent Timothy Thibault, who ran point on the investigation, never followed up with him or his lawyers.”

Santilli says the FBI was given evidence of crimes and was ignoring eyewitness testimony and documentation, so on Wednesday’s morning show Santilli called the FBI and demanded an investigation or face a protest.

Step one: The original footage of that call is here.
What is coming up: Monday’s show will include two guests, Christopher Burgard and Nick Searcy from the documentary Capital Punishment will talk about the criminal justice system and their other work.

Here is most of what Santilli said in his afternoon update:

“We have the Federal Bureau of absolute disgusting –  I’m conspiring with a whole bunch of Warriors for Jesus who will show up on their front doorstep if they fail and refuse. This morning I asked the FBI to call for an investigation. So we’ve now allowed nine hours to pass. By the way, they’ve had years and years. And how do they respond? They arrested a pastor. Okay, that’s all they did to respond to my demand that. They are not announcing an investigation into the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop.

For your investment in the program, it’s going to cost me a lot, and I am going to get a Jumbotron for the protest.

Gotta get it. I swear to you, I swear to you I’m going to get a Jumbotron and it’s going to be a mobile one, all right? And I’m going to file for a permit to have a protest if they do not announce an investigation by the 19th of October.

If they not announce that they’re doing an investigation into the overthrow of the election by the FBI in the 2020 election,  If they don’t go to the podium and say that they’re doing that, then on the 20th, I will be with them with a Jumbotron.

We want to get a permit. And if they make us go far from the building, the louder the speakers will be.

Let me go to my favorite Quantico. Virginia trained caller rod from Kentucky Rob.

Are you here? Are you here from Cincinnati? Yeah, we’re setting this up so that it’s convenient for everyone. You don’t have to travel,” Santilli said, encouraging others to plan similar events at their FBI offices.

A caller with a history of law enforcement joined Santilli to talk about the US Code and laws that he believes have been broken by the FBI.

“Please say hello to This is Rob from Kentucky, okay? We are going to have a protest. You know what, let’s say a prayer for those who are going to be on the inside of the building while we are having our candlelight vigil. They’re going to stay in the building as you. They always say, they’re just doing their job. We pray that they’ll just set their guns and badges down and come outside and join us, right? We’re projecting their families as well, right?” Santilli said to the caller.

Yes, you can just hear the sadness in his voice,” Deb Jordan said to Santilli.

Don’t be sad. I also, okay. So let’s time. You’re right. It’s not sadness. It’s a disappointment,” Santilli said referring to the man he had just spoken to.

“If I have to go to a protest. I’m going to be angry, okay, because we’re now nine hours after submitting my demands. And I want them to fix this now,” Santilli said.

Jordan added, “Pete is giving them until the 19th of October to apologize to the American people, to admit that they were part of the coup d’etat and that they purposefully worked with the Democrat Party and the media to disrupt the 2016 election and disrupted the whole presidency of Donald J Trump, that they did all of that to harass him.”

“So, on October, the 20th, if they haven’t apologized to the American people and said that, there is an active investigation against those in the FBI that perpetrated this because you can bet there’s just a handful, right?

And if not we, we are going to protest. On the 20th of October here in Cincinnati and ask them to start the investigation because they can start it I suppose, from any field office.

On Monday we will have the documentary makers of Capital Punishment, and then guess what is happening here in? Cincinnati on October 19th and the theater in a theater here in Cincinnati. They are doing a showing of Capital punishment in the theater. I found that so amazing. It was like a God thing,” Jordan said.

“So we’ll be doing that too. On the 19th and waiting to see, but in the meantime, we’re asking everyone to call the FBI, call your local field office and demand peacefully that they do an inside investigation and find out who the perpetrators were in their own individual office who knew about it and perpetrated the coup inside the FBI,” Santilli said.



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