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RINO Watch: Mitt Romney Secret GOP Club Refuses To Support America First Agenda, Carlson Busted Them, ‘They Want To Lose’

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Failed Presidential Candidate, Republican US Senator Mitt Romney (RINO-Utah), a vulture capitalist partner of Paul Singer, who has never met a business deal with the Chinese Communist Party he didn’t like, is refusing to support his fellow Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee.

Lee is up for re-election in November, and he is busting Romney over supporting another RINO- Never Trumper in the race for the state, and he is being accused of trying to lose again.

In 2012, when Romney was the ‘big promise’ against the nation’s nightmare- Barack Obama. Anyone who worked with Romney on his GOP campaign then- knows that Romney tried to lose that race to help keep Obama in power. Romney also sabotaged President Donald J. Trump. Now he is doing the same to other Republicans.

Romney, as most people know, is an opportunist, as NPR wrote about him in 2012 when he accepted money to finance Gay Marriage and other radical left ideas, saying:

“When it comes to campaign money, there’s one industry GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney can count on: finance.

Some of the single largest checks to the pro-Romney superPAC Restore Our Future come from hedge fund managers. People at securities and investment firms have contributed more than $16 million.

Paul Singer, the man behind the hedge fund Elliott Management, has contributed $1 million.”

More about vulture capitalist Paul Singer later… this is about Mike Lee and Mitt Romney.

Evan McMullin, a vocal never Trumper and RINO, Lee’s opponent who Romney favors, has called Lee an ‘extremist’ hinting he sees a job in DC as an opportunity to support the Democrat’s leftist agenda:

Lee was recently been endorsed by his wife in a cute campaign ad ahead of the Senator’s appearance on Fox with Carlson- he really looks like an extremist- right?:

Lee appeared on the Tucker Carlson show on Tuesday night to explain the situation in the state and to expose Romney, a determined Never Trumper, for his backroom deals to destroy the America First agenda.

This is what the conversation was about:

Carlson said, “Some prominent Republicans in Washington actually, don’t want to win in November, it seems really important for the future of the country, but some of them are actively trying to lose. Mitt Romney is one of them. He is working against his fellow Utah Republican, senator Mike Lee in his re-election campaign seems like a big story not getting a ton of coverage. Senator Mike Lee Joins us tonight. Senator, thank you very much for coming on. So your race, which I haven’t been really paying attention to, but I just started reading about it. You were being painted as some sort of dangerous extremist, which I can see first – that you are not and you have your fellow Utah, Republican, senator working against you like, how did this happen? “

Lee responded, “Well, he’s explained that he’s got two friends in this race when he first told me that my reaction was, who’s the other friend and then he told me, therefore, wants to remain neutral. Look, I understand it. Here’s what he is going on, my opponent. Evan McMullan is a Democrat running in disguise. So, I understand the commitment made by my colleague, and I work with him like him. But here’s the deal. I don’t think Mitt Romney wants Chuck Schumer to continue to be the Senate Majority Leader. If I’m right on that, then he’s got to get on board because that’s exactly what he will be producing. That’s exactly what this will lead to. If Romney is tricked into letting Evan McMullen a closet, a Democrat into the United States Senate. And so as soon as Mitt Romney’s ready to, I will eagerly accept his endorsement. He’s got a big family and I encourage all of them to go make donations to my campaign.

Evan McMullen is Raising millions of dollars off of Act Blue the Democratic donor database, based on this idea that he’s going to defeat me and help perpetuate the Democratic majority. “

Tucker added, “So maybe you don’t want to say this, maybe not even aware of it but I believe it is true that members of Mitt Romney’s immediate family, his nuclear family are actively helping McMullen against you. So is it possible?”


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