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Pete Santilli Calls Out The FBI…ON THEIR FRONT PORCH!

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After watching the documentary film Capitol Punishment and having his calls and complaints ignored, Pete takes a road trip to the local FBI Field Office in Cincinnati, OH to hand deliver a letter to the Special Agent In Charge.

This all leads up to Santilli’s deadline of Oct. 19th for the FBI to get involved and investigate the crimes they have been covering up, according to Santilli- or else- he is going to lead a protest on Oct. 20th- right back in the same spot in front of the FBI office.

Santilli is encouraging others to organize something similar in their counties.

Here are some highlights from Monday.

Santilli said, “Here, I am in Cincinnati. There are going to be some exciting things happening here. I’m sure my good friends here at the FBI are tuned in. First of all, I watched Capital Punishment just over a week ago on Sunday, and I was so upset when I watched it, and there was a scene I think just past the 14 or so mark. 14 -15 minute mark where they displayed a billboard- that the FBI paid for- that essentially said that if you see anything regarding January 6, call, 1-800 1-800.

The wanted us to call FBI, and I got so upset, I called them or their information, do you have? Well, here’s the information. I’m watching a movie called capital punishment, okay. And you guys are disgusting. Filthy disgusting fricking disgusting, disgusting. I just want you to know you are just the epitome of discuss right there and I think filters built-in filthy, I didn’t use any profanity threaten them. I just wanted to let them now and I was very, very emotional. The following morning, I contacted the, the Capitol Police. I told them the same thing and they were very, very dismissive. Now we have Tony Bo Belinsky indicating that we have an entity and organization a group of people in a building, okay? Or a group of buildings, across the country that are basically responsible for influencing the 2020 election. Identifying them as basically overthrowing our country, they haven’t returned. My telephone calls. They haven’t contacted me back because they’re so arrogant to think that what we can just surveil Pete. Santilli covertly to find out what he’s thinking and doing. Well, it’s not necessary to do that. You guys bear with it because we’re doing a field visit. I wanted to make sure that we broadcast live today. I’m Frank speech, truck Hot. Make sure you get the Frank, download that app, okay, make sure you have that on your, on your phones. Make sure you’ve got available and of course, Everywhere, far and wide, I want you to get it to our locals Channel, Pete, Santilli dot But here’s the best way. I want everybody to get a copy of these documents right now. Text Jesus 2844 83 79924, you get a copy of this letter and some other very, very important structions instructions so that you could contact your local FBI office people. 

That live in your community people that have signed up to work for what we all assumed was the premier law enforcement agency in our country. Now, who were those people in your local communities and buildings like this here in Cincinnati. We hope that there’s cincinnatians. I’m hoping that I can appeal to them and I will be appealing to them. You’re about to hear. It’s going to be in some semi dramatic fashion that I will be appealing to them. But for right now, Going to be delivering this letter here within within moments. Ladies gentlemen, I want to inspire each and every one of you. I drafted a letter, I drafted a document. Okay, that will allow you at your local field office. I want all of you prayer warriors out there. All you Godly workers, all of your high integrity Warriors contact, the community members. 

Hit your local FBI field office reach out to them in the fashion that I just described in this letter I’m putting it out to the entire world. People are driving on the Rock Iranian, they may not have an opportunity to read it, be so inspired, write a letter. Reach out to your local FBI field. Office has got to be one person in this building that we could appeal to you. That’s going to be in there. Doing the right thing. Fantastic, here we go. Fight. Yes, sir. How are you? Doucement a sec. I’m just here to drop off a handwritten letter on nice one. Accept it out here. Okay, you can either 

Ronald Reagan Drive, or if it’s something where 

Your ic3 dot-gov and you could ask and it in and send it in that way. I see three dot-gov. Okay, so you cannot accept a handwritten letter, is there any way that the public information officer can come out here and meet with me in person? We’re doing a live broadcast right now. Unfortunately, as far as accepting anything, you’d have to send it in. Make some arrangements other ways. Yeah, I guess the best Arrangements. I mean, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I contacted left a message last week, letting everybody know. But I was coming here. Also reached out to the public information officer as well, just for a good opportunity here to get some good. PR to, you find people at the FBI, But unfortunately, I don’t know anything about that but yeah, unfortunately, I cannot accept it, okay. But then they don’t even accept. I understand that, but if I could meet with the public information officer would that be possible. As far as trying to, 

Is it? Yeah, I did call I called last week multiple times. 

I can’t respond to that. I wasn’t the one you talked to so I don’t know. Right. I spoke with multiple people. Here are very, very nice. 

So is there anybody here that can put me in touch with the public information officer? Unfortunately I can just give you the phone number at this time. Okay. Yeah. We have the telephone number and I appreciate it. I want to I’m not here to harass you or take away from your job boxes of course. And I appreciate your professionalism. I thank you and I will I will mail this in. 

You have wonderful days, are good. Thanks for the hospitality. Beautiful facility. Nice. Little backdrop for our broadcast. Thank you, sir. Attention FBI, please come out. Out with your head. 

Head. I have to say that I had to say that. Ladies and gentlemen. Been here in Cincinnati. D. Barman. 

Yeah, they work working ago. Like that, why would you want to join? I was just about to do a prayer. Would you like to join me in prayer? 

Yes, I can leave if you wish you wish for me to leave. You do. Okay, I’ll leave. All right. I have to leave. I’ve been asked to leak. All right. We are back. Ladies and gentlemen. We’re back. I just 

Got it. You can’t be here. 

Well, actually everybody on the bag. Went off quickly. They have three people are on their phones. Yes. 


Because like I said, setting up outside the FBI playing. 

Well, obviously we get called, that’s great, I don’t have a problem. Identifying, it’s obviously actually pretty easy because two men were Yeah, that’s fine. 

What the tail of the stuff that they had a couple different phone calls? Hello sir. 

I just want to make sure that everybody on the livestream, so, 

And what time do we have, before we come on? 

They’re probably all they have a morbid curiosity as to whether or not mmm. 

Please know that we are with you. We support you. We know that you did not sign up for the FBI to be a part of this corruption within the FBI. To be part of the overthrow of the United States of America, by the FBI. We know this we call upon you address my letter. I submitted the band. To to act by December 19th. The only Reserve I’m sorry October 19th. The only reason reason I’m asking you to do it by the 19th. It’s because we haven’t elected yet. You can do the right thing, not to influence the election. But to undo the damage that you’ve done in the 2020 election, we only have days now if you’ll excuse not to do anything, that’s your choice while we will do is pray for you. 

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