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Official Govt. Data Shows More Deaths AFTER Vaccine

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Official Govt. Data Shows More Deaths AFTER Vaccine – Choice Clips

Just facts: in July 2022 the excess mortality rate in the EU was 16% higher compared to the average of 2016-2019 (Eurostat). The most vaccinated countries in the EU have now the highest mortality rate. Do you think that COVID vaccination caused the excess deaths? — Cristian Terhes MEP (@CristianTerhes) October 13, 2022 After […]

  • After FL’s surgeon general recommended against administering mRNA COVID vaccines to males 18-39 based on analysis showing increased risk of cardiac death, MedPage Today was quick to publish an article criticizing the analysis. Here’s what they got wrong. – Robert F Kennedy – Children’s Health Defense article
  • A Pfizer exec admitted that their covid vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission and a study out of Florida found that the mRNA vaccine led to an 84% increase in cardiac related deaths among young men. Forcing it on the world is one of the biggest scandals in history. – Michael Seifert
  • So, I have a question for CDCgov  If BA.4 and BA.5 are causing symptoms comparable to seasonal flu and we know 95%+ of Americans have some immunity to Covid — you still counting deaths *with* Covid the same as deaths *from* Covid? Because this practice is extremely dubious. – Kyle Becker
  • Twitter temporarily censored Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo this weekend for sharing the state Department of Health’s research on elevated cardiac deaths in young men following COVID19 mRNA vaccination and recommending against their vaccination – Real America’s Voice Article
  • NOTHING TO SEE HERE just more proof that legally unaccountable multinational corporations are killing more people than Vladimir Putin and no one says a peep. – Raheem Kassam – National Pulse article from 10/10

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October 14, 2022 at 07:26AM

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