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“This is an act of war by the Chinese Communist Party,” Pete Santilli told his audiences on Sunday- and then he took the time to explain.

Unconventional times call for unconventional measures as Pete Santilli showed on Sunday in an emergency broadcast that is sure to ignite people into action after the bombshell he dropped on them about the proven intervention of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in American elections. We already have one arrest, of Eugene Yu, from Oct 4th and now the details about his background and his connections are being dug up.

The purpose of Santilli’s interview on Sunday (clip below) was to- educate, empower and equip them to help save our Republic.

Santilli explained to people what is happening so they could tell others, show them the proof of his claim, and point them to what to do about what he exposed.

From the information that Santilli gave his audience that night, listeners are directed to call their state representatives at their state legislatures and general assemblies- and alarm them to the dangerous breach of national security that author and investigative journalist Christopher Kortlander uncovered and his other guest Roy MacKenzie illustrated with a slide presentation of links and screenshots.


In his interview with Kortlander and MacKenzie, Santilli gave the timeline of what has occurred since early October based on the research of MacKenzie from MontanaMt.News that will elevate the suspicions about Yu and his company and what they were doing to American votes, which Pete Santilli calls an ‘act of war’, especially because, as Korlander pointed out, this was done to our military members.

These things are linked. Here is the foundation, Santilli explained:

Konnech Corporation’s ECO Eugene Yu, 51, was arrested in Meridian Township in Michigan on October 4, and held on suspicion of theft of personal identifying information, while computer hard drives and other “digital evidence” were seized by investigators from the county district attorney’s office, according to the office. He is suspected of holding information about American election participants on a server in China, which is under direct coordination with the Chinese Communist Party.

Santilli and MacKenzie had slides that showed the following connections with the researchers dug up:

Within days of Yu’s arrest, the New York Times reported on a Chinese subsidiary company, Jinhua Yulian Network Technology, founded in 2005, where programmers developed and tested software.

The slideshow shows Yu, whose name is the Registrant Contact, also praised the group 2013 to the CCP, bragging about success with Election Management Solutions, Detroit, and with overseas voters. Michigan has since terminated its contract with Yu’s company.

Another company that is tied to Yu is Hongzheng Technology Co, LTD

Another screenshot shows on-site comments in Chinese characters below the official seals of Washington, D.C., Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, and other US counties and is the number one voting technology provider for China’s national people’s Congress.

The company partners with Huawei China Telecom and China Unicom, two of which are now sanctioned by the United States.

The series of connections, exposed by Santilli’s guests in the video below, between the companies is very suspicious, raising the question of whether Eugene Yu is secretly running the CCP’s number one voting software company or whether Yu is running Konnech an American voting technology company for the CCP.

And there are even more details and shocking revelations in the video. Here is a partial transcript.

SANTILLI SAID: “We want you to look up your state legislators, your state representatives and tell them about this story,” Santilli told his audience.

“Tell them about malware installed on our troop’s phones and tell them the Chinese Communist Party- the CCP is behind it. This is an act of War. Sure. This Way Beyond, you know, that left overthrowing the right, right?

KORTLANDER SAID: “Correct. They are actually inside the electronics of the military. That’s not an exaggeration. That is not speculation, Pete and I had a phone call last night with an informant at the highest levels of the government that told us that this is malware, which is the voting system that they use to implement voting for our armed services outside of our boundaries when they’re deployed. 

Is more or less a front and excuse a reason for us to look to the left when it we should be looking, right? So to speak that the malware is installed inside of the electronic devices that they’re using. So what does that mean?

That means that all of that person can be tracked in real-time anywhere all the time. “

SANTILLI SAID,(Introducing a new guest): The purpose of this broadcast. In the reason why it’s an emergency is that the information that has come about, especially as a result of the Deep research that Roy MacKenzie’s done, the graphical presentation of the facts that will be presented in the urgency, by which this information is being passed on to the state legislators of Montana, as well as the Attorney General of Montana requires it being an SOS because we’re a matter of a few days from an election. And we need to take action with the help of our legislators and our Attorneys General.

What the clip for the shocking details and to arm yourself with information, tips and direction on how to right back in the best way. Remember to hit the link at the top of the page to research your state reps and the Attorney Generals in your state and tell them what you have discovered here.

This story will be developing for a long time.


Pete Santilli’s bombshell interview of Roy McKenzie And Christopher Kortlander. Recorded Sunday October 16, 2022.

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