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SNL Finally Breaks From Years of Woke-tardedness & Comically Highlights The Lunacy of January 6th Committee Hearings

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October 18, 2022 at 1:45pm 

On Saturday night, SNL opened their show with an epically comically smack-down of the January 6th Committee.

Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan featured the open with commentary about SNL “finally breaking away from the woke-tardedness that has alienated half of their audience.  Additionally, Santilli & Jordan stated that the Jan 6th committee clown show is so outrageous, that even the left is noticing.

See full episode of The Pete Santilli Show broadcast on Tuesday October 18th, 2022:  DURHAM SLAMS FBI IN DANCHENKO TRIAL CLOSING ARGUMENTS | EP 3169-8AM



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