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“MSM Reports on Looming UN Investigation of US Biolabs in Ukraine”

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The Pentagon has been funding Biolabs in Ukraine, and that raises so many questions about what we are doing in the region. The following video gives some details.

A poster named Clandestine put the following information together about new details that show even left leaning MSM admit there is a problem here.

The Western media have largely ignored Russia’s repeated pleas to the UN pertaining to the US Biological Network in Ukraine. It appears something changed, as yesterday, the Left-wing media found themselves unable to avoid reporting on the growing calls for the enactment of Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Below you can see Left-wing outlet, The Hill, reporting via the Associated Press, that Russia are progressing towards Article VI of the BWC, which would be a UN Security Counsel investigation of the biolabs in Ukraine.

99% of the Western world had no idea this was going on, because the MSM have refused to report on it. These allegations have been formally presented over the course of the past 8 months, and the media buried it.

But now, after Russia’s 8 months of evidence, exposing US biological malfeasance, human experimentation, pathogen negligence, and weapon production; the UN Security Counsel have found themselves unable to ignore Russia’s allegations, as well as the pressure from the rest of the non-NATO countries of the world.

The Western media don’t report on it, but the rest of the world are completely sick of the Western world (Globalists) and their biological activity, which they allege led to the C19 outbreak.

What we are witnessing, is the global backlash for Covid. Someone released a bioweapon on the world, it turns out it was the people who benefited from it most, the US DNC and their Deep State partners. Who created and released the virus to justify mass mail-in voting, to use voter fraud to steal the election, abuse emergency powers to gain control, etc etc.

The ruling families of the DNC created and released a bioweapon, killing millions and ruining the world, in order to retain power. Simple as that.

So for everyone who asked “what’s taking so long”, or said “nothing is going to happen”, you have to realize that allegations of this magnitude take a long time to deliver. The crimes alleged are quite literally the most severe known to all humanity, with the most severe punishment.

In conclusion, the DNC are about to be under UN Security Council investigation for violating international law and violating the Biological Weapons Treaty of 1972. Those suspected of crimes against humanity, would be subject to international military tribunals, and the punishment is death. If the public were more aware of this, the DNC would face sure extinction in the 2022 midterms.

For those wondering how the military would come into play to hold the Deep State accountable, this is without a doubt the most direct and most plausible legal avenue. We wouldn’t need the US Justice system at all. Speedy trail. Death penalty. Mass public awakening.

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