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Trump calls for a new election in Arizona ‘IMMEDIATELY’

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Trump calls for a new election in Arizona ‘IMMEDIATELY’

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President Donald Trump blasted the delayed election process in Arizona, calling for a new election to take place “immediately.”

According to The Hill, 93 percent of the votes in Arizona have been counted as of Monday, with Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake trailing Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs by just under 25,000 votes.

Last Friday, Fox News announced that incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly defeated Republican nominee Blake Masters in the Senate race in Arizona, prompting the 45th president to sound the alarm over voting issues in the state.

Trump is demanding that Arizona conduct a new election due to allegations that 20 percent of voting centers in Maricopa County experienced issues with voting machines.

“Idiot, and possibly corrupt, officials have lost control of the tainted Election in Arizona,” Trump said on Truth Social over the weekend. “MACHINES BROKEN IN REPUBLICAN AREAS. A NEW ELECTION MUST BE CALLED FOR IMMEDIATELY!”

Amid the prolonged ballot counting process, the 45th president has warned that the same voter integrity issues that occurred in the 2020 election are happening again.

“In Maricopa County they’re at it again,” Trump said. “Voting Machines in large numbers didn’t work, but only in Republican districts. People were forced to wait for hours, then got exhausted or had other things to do and left the voting lines by the thousands.”

In Trump’s post on Truth Social, he explained that Kari Lake “was taken to a Liberal Democrat district in order to vote” but explained that other voters were not as fortunate and were not able to vote.

Highlighting the possibility of widespread voter fraud in the midterm elections, Trump stated, “This is a scam and voter fraud, no different than stuffing the ballot boxes.”

Between what Trump believes are “rigged elections” and the Biden administration’s open border policy, Trump described the United States as a “third world country” and a “failing nation” in a separate post on Truth Social. The 45th president is once again calling for Republican leadership to take a stand against voter fraud before it is too late.

“They stole the Electron from Blake Masters,” Trump argued. “Do Election over again!”

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November 15, 2022 at 05:07PM


IT BEGINS: Patriots in Arizona Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

The Arizona election is a total mess.  It’s full of corruption in almost every area.  It is uncertifiable as a result.  A new free and fair election is demanded. 

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs should have recused herself due to her running for governor in this election but her conflict of interest was ignored.

The same people involved in the uncertifiable 2020 Election were also involved in this election.  They too should have been removed.

The systems are the same systems with still unanswered questions from the 2020 Election.

 As a result a group of citizens in Arizona released a statement last night calling for a new election.  They request that this election in the state be held on December 6. 

This bold statement has merit and precedent. 

In the US there have been numerous instances in the past 20 years where elections have been redone.

We suggested this remedy with the 2020 Election which was uncertifiable in numerous states due to rampant election abuse and fraud.

Joe Oltmann, Pete Santilli, and others shared this statement last night on Conservative Daily on Rumble.  Below is their broadcast of this historic announcement.  Overwhelmingly citizens feel that they were cheated.via The Gateway Pundit

November 15, 2022 at 05:09PM


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