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Pete Santilli Announces Platform For 2024 Presidential Run

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This morning I officially expressed my disgust in the corporation of the United States fraudulently representing itself as a Constitutional Republic. Additionally, I announce that I am filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences with the people who have hijacked our government. I love what my country used to be, and I love my fellow Americans, but I can no longer continue to fight for a country that has become destructive towards our pursuit of life, liberty & happiness, and more importantly, I don’t feel right fighting for country that nobody else want to fight for themselves.

Here are some of the primary tenets of my platform. Some of you might be “butt hurt” about the hard cold realities and facts affecting our lives, but so be it. Don’t vote for me.

I will be one of the very first politicians to not pander for your vote by compromising my integrity.

  • COVID / MRNA: If elected, at the moment I raise my hand to be sworn in, all individuals who are involved in the mass genocide of millions of people around the world with COVID-19, and the subsequent MRNA injections will be rounded up, arrested, tried, convicted and executed swiftly for crimes against humanity.
  • OPERATION WARP SPEED: Throughout my campaign, I will insist that President Trump publicly acknowledge that “Operation Warp Speed” was not a good thing for humanity. I will also insist that his “freedom of choice” versus mandates montra has compounded his culpability and complicity in mass genocide, particularly because people cannot make an informed choice when half of the information they need is censored or prohibited as conspiracy taboo by the medical industrial complex. Operation Warp Speed is undoubtedly responsible for the deaths and injury of many hundreds of thousands but the continued denial of responsibility for those deaths must be placed squarely on the shoulders of President Trump.
  • U.S. CORPORATION: On day #1 of assuming office, I will begin the process of swiftly dissolving the U.S. Corporation. On day #2, the Corporation will be bankrupted and its charter sent to the shredder. Corporate CEO’s who remain in their positions will be held criminally liable for treason against the United States of America — our Constitutional Republic.
  • At the time of my inauguration and exact moment of swearing in, I will direct former Congressman Ron Paul to proceed to the Federal Reserve with a rental truck, repossess the U.S currency printing press, and immediately deliver the printing press to the U.S. Treasury. The U.S. will return to it’s constitutionally mandated “sound-money” by strictly adhering to asset-backed currency.

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