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Mike Lindell is Running for RNC Chair Position, Discusses Decision with Steve Bannon

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November 28, 2022 at 04:48PM Mike Lindell is Running for RNC Chair Position, Discusses Decision with Steve Bannon

CEO businessman Mike Lindell announced earlier today he is running for the position of Republican National Committee Chairman, a challenge to current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel who has stated her intention to run for reelection to the position.

Several current RNC members have announced their continued support for Mrs. McDaniel, including former RNC Chair Reince Priebus.  However, former republican congressman Lee Zeldin has also stated his interest in running for the position.

Mike Lindell explains to Steve Bannon his intent and purpose for entering the very important race.  {Direct Rumble Link} WATCH:

The election for the two-year RNC Chair will take place at the RNC winter meeting in California late January.

The winter meeting of the RNC is taking place January 25-27th, in Dana Point California at the Waldorf Astoria – Monarch Beach Resort.  There are 168 members who will be in attendance (3 from every state) along with various RNC and national republican leadership.

In addition to the RNC chair election, this RNC corporate meeting and the votes by the members, will determine the Republican Club rules for the 2024 election cycle.  Rules on primary dates, sequence, apportionment of delegates, distribution of delegates, state sequencing, qualifications and much more.

The billionaire donor class and corporations who currently operate the financial mechanisms of the RNC have already expressed their intent moving forward is to remove the populist movement and realign the RNC with corporate objectives.  This chairmanship election is going to be pivotal for the future of the party.

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