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Tucker Carlson Points Out “For Some Reason Twitter Seems to Need an Awful Lot of Spies”

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December 14, 2022 at 05:19PM Tucker Carlson Points Out “For Some Reason Twitter Seems to Need an Awful Lot of Spies”

Tucker Carlson nailed it last night when discussing the makeup of Twitter.  It makes you wonder…

Last night Tucker Carlson made some brilliant, and yet obvious, observations about Twitter.

Tucker shared:

Let’s say you were trying to staff a social media site.  Who would you hire?  Well, obviously since this is a tech business, you would hire tech people – coders, software engineers to keep the place running.

Then you’d hire an administrative staff because you had to, some lawyers, a caterer, a flack or two, maybe an interior decorator if you wanted HQ to look good.  But how many spies would you hire?

Well probably none.  Spies have nothing to do with the mission of a social media company.  They would not be needed.  You wouldn’t hire any opera singers either.

Yet, for some reason Twitter seems to need an awful lot of spies.  The upper ranks of Twitter, we now know, were absolutely loaded with people who once did info work for government agencies.  At least 15 of these people and possibly many more.

Tucker asks some great questions.  Why were Deep State actors even allowed on Twitter’s campus?

Tucker goes on to list some of the known Deep State actors at Twitter and then notes that a man was fired because he complained about foreign intervention at Twitter as well.

Conservative Treehouse has been saying this for days:

Yes. Exactly this. Yes.  It’s not that DHS had a portal into Twitter, it’s that DHS took over the operation of Twitter and controlled every element of it.  That’s also why profits and losses were never part of the viability equation.  DHS controls Twitter operations,

Once you change your reference point and review the data from a different perspective, things make sense.  DHS doesn’t operate on the backbone of Twitter, Twitter operates on the backbone of DHS.  The information and content on Twitter exist, or not, by the permission and authority of the national security state, DHS.

Narratives can be enhanced or throttled. Public perceptions can be uplifted or deemphasized.  Candidates can be boosted or dismissed.  Control over the public conversation is not simply in the hands of Twitter executives, the platform content is shaped by the guiding hand of the controlling interest – the government.

via The Gateway Pundit

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