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Jail Shenanigans – Mental Torture is the Norm at Many Jails – At Alexandria Deputy Juarez Should Be Reported and/or Fired!

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January 8, 2023 at 10:27AM Jail Shenanigans – Mental Torture is the Norm at Many Jails – At Alexandria Deputy Juarez Should Be Reported and/or Fired!

We have all heard about the horrible conditions at the DC- Gulag and the Northern Neck. We can now add Alexandria Detention Center to the list of gulags where the guards delight in making the J6ers’s lives miserable.
We already know that the food is horrible forcing defendants to buy from the commissary which does not have healthy food either. Kind of a scam you would think since commissary prices are way above the normal price range for goods.

The weather is cold up in Virginia and the temperature in cells is often too cold. Inmates have to buy warm underwear at the commissary to try and keep warm, another added expense these families do not need.

Deputy Juares at Alexandria is the current perpetrator.

Dominic asked Deputy Juarez if she was going to open the food slot so he could warm up his food and coffee. She said”NO”! Dominic said everybody does that . He doesn’t eat the food trays. He survives on his commissary. She said” I don’t know what all the other Deputies do but I’m not opening it”!

Dominic said time to threaten with the Media! Plus call Governor Youngkins office. Joe Biggs said she does this to him also.

A CALL FOR HELP! My sons being harassed by a Deputy named Juarez on block C-2 in the Alexandria Virginia Jail. She refuses to give him toilet paper or let him warm up his food. He doesn’t get out of his cell until 11:00 tonight. PLEASE call the jail with me to stop this! Thank you!

Dominic’s mom added later today:

So much for helping Dominic. My son was on a call with his legal team and they shut down the call. They wrote him up for a disciplinary act because he yelled at Deputy Juarez. Now he has No tablet for communication or allowed out. You complain and it just gets worse. I haven’t broken down in a bit but this put me over the edge. 😭 His trial resumes on January 3rd.

Dominic Pezzola # 281564 Alexandria Virginia Cell Block 2-C born 6/25/77. Governor Hochuls # is 1-518-474-8390

Another inmate says:
She’s bad! She’s controlling and won’t let him change the channel! She won’t bring liquid with their meals.

How to Help!

Secretary of Public Safety – Rose Durbin in charge of the Department of Correction should collect complaints but she seems to refuse to answer and direct people back to the jail.


United States Marshals Service
Office of Professional Responsibility, Internal Affairs
Landover Operations Center
3601 Pensy Drive
Landover, MD 20785.

📧Email: and file a complaint.

(SUBMIT FORM button does not work, so save completed forms and email it to) 

Call the Marshall’s office

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