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Report: Whistleblower Delivered Dirt On Bidens To FBI In 2019, Now Claims ‘DOJ Trying To Bury’ Him To Protect Joe, Hunter & Jim

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February 27, 2023 at 05:11PM Report: Whistleblower Delivered Dirt On Bidens To FBI In 2019, Now Claims ‘DOJ Trying To Bury’ Him To Protect Joe, Hunter & Jim

An Israeli man named Gal Luft, who sat on the advisory board of a Chinese energy company that employed Joe Biden’s son Hunter, claims he has damning information about the Biden family’s shady business deals.

According to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, Luft “says he provided information about Hunter Biden, his father, and his uncle, Jim Biden, to the Justice Department in March 2019.”

The whistleblower sits as co-director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, which was formed by former CIA director James Woolsey.

Luft allegedly gathered the information about the Bidens during his time working with CEFC China Energy, a company suspected of being an arm of the Communist Chinese Party as admitted by CNN.

Hunter Biden made millions of dollars from CEFC and was business partners with one of the company’s executives Patrick Ho, whom Hunter infamously referred to as “the fucking spy chief of China.”

In his time working with CEFC Luft also became close with Ho, which lends credibility to his claims of having dirt on the Bidens.

Luft, who was arrested in Cyprus earlier this month after being charged with illegally selling weapons to Libya and China, claims the DOJ is now trying to “bury” him in order to protect the Bidens.

The Israeli whistleblower claimed the American government is “politically motivated” to extradite him in retaliation for trying to speak out.

He wrote on Twitter, “DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim & Hunter Biden. Shall I name names?”

According to the Free Beacon, Luft “recently told the Justice Department he plans to submit a letter to Congress that will detail statements that Luft gave to the Justice Department during an interview in Belgium.”

This comes as House GOP investigators are beginning to ratchet up their inquiries into the Biden crime family.

On Sunday, the GOP announced a close business associate of Hunter Biden who also dealt with Joe Biden’s business and tax affairs is “cooperating” with them.

The whistleblower, Eric Schwerin, was the president of Hunter Biden’s failed investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners and was a frequent White House visitor between 2009 and 2015.

Will the American people soon learn of the extent of China’s control over the Biden crime family and how the trio of Joe, Hunter and Jim sold out the country for the benefit of their globalist masters?

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