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Tucker Carlson Releases Jan 6 Footage – ABSOLUTELY APPALLING | EP 3355-8AM

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Tucker Carlson shares new January 6 footage showing Capitol cops escorting ‘QAnon Shaman’ to Senate floor

Tucker Carlson unveiled new footage from the January 6 riots which he claims casts a fresh perspective on the 2021 unrest at the US Capitol. 

In footage screened on his show Monday night, so-called QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley was apparently seen being escorted into the Senate by Capitol police officers.

Carlson suggested that challenged the prevailing narrative that Chansley – jailed for four years over the incident – aggressively barged into the chamber. 

Also broadcast was footage of Captiol cop Brian Sicknick, who died shortly after the riot.

It was originally suggested Sicknick’s death came as the result of being attacked with a fire extinguisher and pepper spray by rioters.

But a medical examiner later ruled he’d died of natural causes. And Carlson shared footage of Sicknick walking around the Capitol after the attack.

He appeared in good health, which the Fox News host said poured cold water on liberal outlets’ insistence that the Capitol rioters had Sicknick’s blood on their hands. 

He also referenced Ray Epps, who was seen among the rioters urging them to storm the Capitol, yet was never charged – giving rise to suspicion that Epps was in fact an informant. Epps has denied working for the government.

On Monday, Carlson suggested Epps was lying.  

‘They were orderly and meek,’ said Carlson of those who stormed the Capitol. ‘These were not insurrectionists; they were sightseers.’

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March 7, 2023 at 07:28AM

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