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HE HAS THE PROOF: DC Gulag Political Prisoner and Decorated Army Special Forces Soldier Jeffrey McKellop Reveals Extent of Government Agents at J6 Capitol Protest – IT WAS A COMPLETE SET-UP!

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March 17, 2023 at 05:26PM. HE HAS THE PROOF: DC Gulag Political Prisoner and Decorated Army Special Forces Soldier Jeffrey McKellop Reveals Extent of Government Agents at J6 Capitol Protest – IT WAS A COMPLETE SET-UP! (Audio)

For weeks now The Gateway Pundit was informed about Jeffrey McKellop a decorated former 3rd Special Forces Group soldier and US government contractor. Jeffrey is currently being held in the DC Gulag in Washington DC as a political prisoner after he served his country for 22 years of military service.

Jeffrey has been silenced by his government. After his arrest in March 2021, Jeffrey delved into video footage and documented evidence from January 6. Jeffrey was able to identify numerous government informants and agitators in the massive Trump crowd that day. After he put together his evidence he sent it out to numerous contacts. That was when the FBI came into his prison cell and took his research. They then attempted to silence him and banned him from phone and mail privileges.

Jeffrey’s trial is scheduled to start in April, 2023. He has been in prison for two years TODAY without a trial. He was arrested on March 17, 2021.

On Thursday Jeffrey McKellop called The Gateway Pundit. We had a long conversation with Jeffrey. And we were blown away. Jeffrey McKellop dropped BOMB after BOMB!

Jeffrey came from abject poverty and abuse and ran away from home as a young teen. But he did not let this hold him down. Jeffrey focused himself and became a decorated Special Forces Group soldier. What a story he has to tell! Hopefully someday we can all hear it in person.

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I am not exaggerating when I say this was one of the most explosive interviews TGP has had with a DC Gulag political prisoner. Jeffrey is bright, honest, and brave. His background enabled him to see the crowd control and horrible police abuse from that day. And Jeffrey is not afraid to names names.

Please take the time to listen to what Jeffrey McKellop has to say about January 6 – the greatest government set-up in American history.

We have posted much the 43 minute transcript below.

Jeffrey asked if we could post his fundraiser page so he can help his children. The government took everything from this American patriot.

** Please donate here to Jeffrey McKellop’s GiveSendGo account.


From the audio interview: (Please forgive the typing while during the interview- lesson learned)

Jeffrey McKellop: Okay. I’ll give you a quick bio. My name is Jeff Mckellop. I was born in 1965 to biker parents in Los Angeles, California, actually in San I’m Pedro in Long Beach, and I moved north with my mother and my brother to Sacramento, where we stayed for the rest of my years. I ran away from home when I was 15 and never looked back. Kept moving forward. Actually, it was pretty fun. I lived in a water pump, old abandoned water pump house on the Sacramento River outside of West Sacramento for a little bit before I met a couple, John and Cindy Jones, who took me in. I was mowing their lawn and pulling weeds one day, and they asked me if I had a place to stay. And I showed them where I lived there. Like, holy shit. Anyway, so they helped me get through high school, and I left that and got into college. But college wasn’t for me. So one day I was walking down the street with a girlfriend in Chico, California, by the recruiting station. Saw at the army recruiter, just a bunch of guys paddling down the river, all CAMBOD up.

And I was like, oh, hell yeah, I want to do that. And one day in class I stood up, left all my shit behind, man. Walked away. Left my bike, backpack, all of it, man. Enjoyed the service for 22 years. I did a short stint with Second Range Battalion, and then I got into the Special Forces. In the last ten years of my military career, I served for 20 years in the military and another eight years as an individual contractor, an independent contractor for the government. Never been arrested. Hold a TS clearance for decades. –  Tthen January 6 changed my life completely. I’ve never been to a rally before. My buddy asked me to go. I told him I didn’t want to. I’m like, look, dude, I can’t do that because Antifa and BLM are going to be there, and you know if we go, that there’s going to be issues, man. And when I stood back and started when we got there and everybody moved to the capital, I was like, wow, this is pretty exhilarating, man.

This was unbelievable. That this many people could be so angry. I’ve never been in a situation like that. It’s pretty ominous. And then I just started watching MPD, beating innocent women. And they beat an elderly woman like you wouldn’t believe, dude. Sergeant Riley and Corporal Glenn Lamborghini of the MPD were beating relentlessly, man, just likr somebody told them to do it. Like, it was their job to start engaging innocent people, man. And that’s how I got drawn into it.

Jim Hoft: Where was that that they were beating that woman and is there video of it? And has anybody written about that?

Jeffrey McKellop: I’ve written about it constantly, and I have watched personally hundreds and hundreds of hours of body cam footage, and the names I’m about to tell you right now, and the accounts that have taken place are true. And I’ve watched it many times with my own eyes. Okay.

A man named Tim Rivers and Lydia Sorrow, have been supporting me in here because I have no money, dude. I begged and pleaded with the FBI. Jeffrey Johannes, undercover agent with the FBI. Mr. Jeffrey Johannes. I begged and pleaded with him, please let me out just for a couple of weeks so I can secure my things. I have lost my house, my bank accounts, my IRA, my mutual fund. I lost my badass bicycle, my car, all my clothes, all my military gear.

I have nothing. Literally, I have nothing. There is nothing left because they crashed my house when I wasn’t there. When nobody was there – They came for me, man, and I beg to plead it with the courts. Please give me bond. No, we’ll have none of that. Judge Dickles(sp) As he was speaking with the prosecution, and they’re all bobbing their little heads up and down in agreement like good little disciples. And here I sit. Man And I even told Kianaga(sp), my last attorney, the guy had never even looked at any of the videos, never did anything, man. He was just going to go for some dynamic I’m a plea deal, man. I’m like, dude, are we going to look at the evidence?

The nNext thing I know it I’m getting an eight to ten-year plea deal. A ten to twelve-year plea deal. A twelve to 15-year plea deal.

Jim Hoft: Oh, my God.

Jeffrey McKellop:  Yeah, man. I’m like, dude, did I kill somebody that day? I mean, did I rob a bank and shoot the hostage? I’m like, how many people did I whack, man? I’m like, I’ve never been arrested before. How could you get this?  That’s a death sentence, man? I’ll be almost 80 years old by the time I get out of here.

Jim Hoft:  I know that you have done a lot of research, that you’re very bright, that you understand what happened there more than anyone. I don’t know. I’m going to record this and put this up. It’d be great eventually if we could get some footage, actually. I understand that’s going to be very difficult or just I’ll put the transcript up, but it’d be great to just hear you explain what you found, and it sounds like you’re saying that there were a lot of federal operatives. Do you believe, that they were there that day?

Jeffrey McKellop:  I know for a fact that there were undercover agents, man. I saw them. I spotted it. And when you find one, then you know what to look for, and then you find them. All undercover agents, they all wear the same thing. They all move the same way. They all get together the same way. Why do I know these? Because I used to do the same thing. Spaghetti cord, two way systems in the ear. I was like, holy shit. Is that what that guy’s got on us? – I watched this one on the Western Terrace, this one door, actually, it was on the East Terrace. It shows Capitol Police come up, man, and they’ve got a yellow bag. Always remember, follow the yellow bag. Follow the yellow bag and watch for the man in blue, all right? And the Capitol Police come up, and they drop the bag on the ground, and two sets of double sided flex cups fall to the ground.

They stand around. They bullshit. The guy reaches down, and I’m watching him, he looks directly at the flex cuffs, grabs the bag because the bag was open, and picks it up, and then they all walk inside, leaving the flex cuffs on the ground. People walk back and forth. I’m going to cut out the bullshit, okay? And so people walk around. They’re doing this, they’re doing that. Nobody touches the equipment on the ground. And all of a sudden, this guy walks up.

Military Spec haircut, aviator sunglasses, nondescript blue top, 511 style pants, Merrill or North Face shoes, hiking boot. Hiking shoe, hiking boot. Reaches down, grabs the set of the cuffs, puts them on the door, tries them out, throws it on the ground, grabs the other side, and then zip strips both the door handles closed and walks away. Moments later this is good moments later, probably about a few minutes later, the doors start being beat open. Beat open, beat open. And then the flex cups break. Everybody comes spilling out. Capitol Police and MPD and civilians alike. Somebody is inside with a fire extinguisher spraying people down, all right? And it calms down. It goes on, it goes on, goes on, goes on. And everybody calms down. And they go back inside, the doors closed. They come back out with the Capitol Police again later on, and they still have the bag in their hand. They set the bag down, they mill around, they grab the bag and they go out. I’m like, what the hell is up with this bag? And then, lo and behold, here it comes. Later on, here comes this geek, and I’m going to get to this some geeked out woman and a geeked out black man in Trump gear.

And they look stupid as sin. Hat, scarf, face, pants, all this stuff. And she’s carrying the green bag and the yellow bag, and this guy’s got a black roll away pelican case. And they stand there with this stuff and they set it down on the ground and they walk away. I’m like, holy shit. What is this? Next thing you know, a curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back. The people come up, they open up the bag, they start pulling out the flex cuffs, they pull out a clipboard, they open up the black pelican case, and they pull out MPD body armor, MPD helmets, and Pecans a bullhorn. And they’re trying the stuff. How do I know it’s MPD? Because it says police on the body armor and it says police on the helmets. And they’re pulling all this stuff out and they’re wandering around.

Yeah, they’re all excited and they take off. I’m like, this is unbelievable. This is staged. This is completely staged. Who loses control of all those items in a riot? Are you kidding me? The next thing you know, it, Here come MPD. One guy’s got a bullhorn, one guy’s got a baton. They walk up, they put the equipment in the black box, shut the black box, and then walk away. And this rose by suspicion that there are actors and players in the crowds. So I’m sitting there and I’m watching this video, and all of a sudden the camera angle moves. The camera moves to the left, and then it comes back to the right. And I’m like, Holy shit. Whoever is in the control room is monitoring the actors and they are giving him the cues, they’re giving him directions, they’re giving them the high sign to do whatever damage they need to do. There’s so much, man. And I’m like, Holy crap, this is unbelievable. So that’s just one camera angle.

I’ve been saying this for a year and a half now, that antifa were there, antifa and BLM were there, but they changed their chameleons, man. They look like us, they dress like us, they act like us, and then they committed violence in our name. That is guerrilla warfare. And that’s exactly what this dude was talking about on  Vince Coglianese  yesterday on 159 after 03:00. I can’t remember the time, but I might say the words dude say guerrilla warfare and it’ll solidify the deal. He said everything else, that they were antifa and BLM were designed to do everything except call it guerrilla warfare, man. This is terrorist act.

Jim Hoft: Could I ask you a couple of questions quick, Jeffrey? One was, were these operatives I guess we call them operatives were they all dressed the same? Typically. And do you think the operatives you saw, were they aware of each other? I know the FBI had operatives there. They’ve admitted it. We know that the DOJ had some people there. We know that Metro Police had people there undercover. So do you think they identified each other, or do you think they were working independently?

Jeffrey McKellop:  I’ll get to that, too, man. I’ve covered all bases, all right? So this is how it works, all right? Every group of people have to have a handler. In any military aspect that we do, you have to have a platoon sergeant or a team sergeant or a commander that tells the team sergeant what to do. And then it goes down all the way to the lowest private, to the foot soldier. All right, now we’ll start with the MP. No, we’ll go back. All right, you have the civilians that were in the crowd. And these are teams that I found. They’re the yellow tape crew, the red tape crew, the Gadsden Flag crew. And then you had the Orange hat crew. They were all identifying themselves by wearing a piece of yellow, red or the Gaston Flag tape, or patch on their helmet, their shoulder, their chest, their back, or whatever. I found a guy that had two rolls of red tape attached to his back so his Cohorts can come up. If they lose their identification of their signature, they can rip another piece off and slap it back on. Or if they get another player, they can add to the masses by giving them an identification code.

These people got together when I first saw him, they got together inside the Capitol. I’m like, look at this guy with the red tape on his hat. I bet he gets together with somebody else. Sure enough, moments later, four or five of them got together, started pointing, ushering people into different chambers, ushering people into doors, breaking windows, disturbing things.

Yeah, that’s how they identified themselves. And they’re crisis actors, okay? These people are crisis actors. It’s the airsoft people. It’s the paramilitary groups. It’s the geeks, the freaks, the guys that couldn’t make it in the army or wherever. And they get together after playing airsoft, and they talk about this stuff, like I said, with antifa. They were utilizing guerrilla warfare. Okay? They act like patriots. They look like patriots, but they’re creating damage in our name. And then they would disperse and go to another location or wherever they sharpen their knives. All right, so the yellow and red tape crews were pretty prominent in the capital. The Gaston flags. You’ll see them, man, they’re waving the Don’t Tread on me flag. And then all of a sudden, you started seeing these they’re waving this flag around like it’s a staging point or something. And I’m like, check this guy out. I’m going to throw something else at you here in a moment. These guys are animals in here. It’s like a bunch of simians, man. They got together and then they would do their thing and they would disperse. But how do they know where to go?

How do they know to get together? They all had walkie talkies. They had two way calm systems. You have to have a handler. Whoever was in the control booth was controlling the people on the ground. Whether it was the undercover provocateurs, the crisis actors, the undercover agents, whoever hell it was, or the MPD or Capitol Police. They have to have somebody that eyes on the ground and eyes in the air in order to control the mobs because there was just too many things going on at once. Now look at the MPD, all right? They got out there. They formed the skirmish line. I was one of two to 300 people on the southwest terrace to make it up onto the platform. And we didn’t go any farther past the line or anything or their gates and stuff that they had. But people were acting weird, man. And it didn’t dawn on me until later on. There was a guy, come on, we got to get him. He’s trying to motivate. We got to fucking do this, we got to do that. But he’s motivating people, all right?

So what I’m saying is three elements will start a riot. You have two of the three elements and it’ll start violence in any crowd. You have the instigators, the agitators and the motivators. Instigators, agitators and motivators. The Instigators are breaking the shit. The Agitators is what I came in contact with. They were just beating on the ground. They were throwing stuff up and down on the ground, slapping the pavement. They had a stick. They were beating on the gate. They were making noise, but they weren’t doing anything. They weren’t hurting anybody. But they were agitating the crowd to make it look like it’s violence. And this is in my discovery. This is what the prosecution gave me, man. I’m like, look at this guy right here, man. This is guys, Instigating and Agitating people and motivating, man. I’m like, he’s got all the three right here. Why isn’t he in here with us? Oh, because he was a player.

Jim Hoft:  Wow.  Let me ask you this, Jeffrey. What about the police who started firing on people with the gas canisters without a warning? How would you classify that? As an instigator? An agitator?

Jeffrey McKellop:  I watched the sissies on their bicycles. Team 54, 64 and 74 ride up from the street all the way from the start to the finish. Officers (sp) Cow, tyndall crispin, harrows bagshaw, smiley lamborghini, hawkins, edwards riley. crispin, bagshaw. Augustine.

These are just some of the names off the top of my head that I have written down and sent out to countless people. If you were one of the few fortunate people that got my message in a bottle, then you would know what I’m talking about. These guys came to whip ass as soon as Creston loaded up a bag full of Mark 46 with a deadly or dangerous weapon. CS Canisters and Tara Tindall had a bag full of 40 millimeter grenade launch ammunition. She was not only unauthorized to shoot that weapon, she asked Sergeant Edwards of the MPD, hey, is this legal? Can I fire this thing? He’s like, yeah, go ahead. Shoot that right there. Get that guy right there. Shoot it into the crowd. And she was shooting people point blank with this thing, man. That’s a deadly weapon, dude. It’s either Daniel or David Tau, sergeant of the MPD, who he was in it to win it…  That dude was everywhere at once shooting people, handcuffing tasing people, beating people, relentlessly masing people with no provocation. He was instigating, agitating, and motivating his teams to incite more violence, and that is what they did.

Sergeant Thau.

Here’s the names one more time. Of the biggest offenders that day were Tau, Tyndall, Crestman, Harrows, Bagshaw Augustine, Edwards, Riley Lamborghini, Patera, Hawkins, Hardy. The FBI came to my cell one day. This facility has never seen anything like it because I was putting all this information out. People have to know, man, what the hell happened? Sure. So the FBI got wind of my messages in a bottle, dude, and they came to my cell, and they handcuffed me like a dog to the railing outside, making fun of me at the same time. No big deal. There were sissies. What were they wearing? 511 style pants, Merrill shoes, nondescript blue or checkerboard top. And they all wear the same thing. They can’t help it, man. And they took all my notes, all my records of court, everything. Anything that had writing on it, they took. So that was the end of that. And I don’t get mail in here anymore. I don’t get books. I don’t get anything.

Jim Hoft:  So if somebody writes you, you don’t even get that anymore?

McKellop:  No, I haven’t had anything like that for about a year and a half.

Jim Hoft:   How do they justify that? Is there a justification?

Please listen to the rest of the audio.  It is very informative on what really happened on January 6 and how the US government treats its political prisoners.

What an absolute tragedy.  It is infuriating

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