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The Battle Rages & You are the Foot Soldiers : Pistol Pete’s Jerky ; Peter Santilli

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There is an all out war currently raging in our republic, between those whom are actively seeking to dismantle our foundations, and those that seek to preserve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Make no mistake, we are at war.

Big Tech oligarchs are doing all they can to silence truth, Big Pharma is pushing for people to receive a toxic experimental injection that is killing people, and the CIA Operation Mockingbird corporate talking heads of media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX are trying to convince you that everything is normal, all while they are funded by those same entities attacking us.

Independent media have been attacked in hit pieces, de-platformed, blocked, shadow-banned, and targeted. This caused millions of people to no longer get access to life saving information. True independent patriots rose to the challenge, creating or funding the creation of independent servers and platforms, so information could once again begin to flow to the people of America and the world.

After this accomplishment independent media united together, through what I call a spiderweb of safe, secure platforms to bring you information that can save your lives, the lives of your loved ones and our republic.

Individuals like Peter Santilli are doing all they can by using their companies to fight back against the corrupt oligarchs, to save our republic and the lives of millions. Pistol Pete’s Jerky is so much more than just another business. When you order Pistol Pete’s Jerky, you are actually funding many independent media sources, spreading education of our Constitution, and supporting American business. When you order from Pistol Pete’s you receive two pocket constitutions with every order, one for you to keep, and the other to give to someone else thus fueling the fires of liberty through education. As an added bonus you will receive an American Flag sticker so you can unapologetically show your pride for our Constitutional republic.

Through the power of We the People working together, we have managed to build platforms that are not controlled by the big tech oligarchs. Big Tech and corporate media are in full blown panic mode because they can not stop We the People. By working together we have managed to destroy many of the false narratives the poisonous, deadly corporate media propagandists push out to the public. Independent media is shattering corporate media’s deadly control over the global population by reporting truth. Without your support in the purchasing of Pistol Pete’s Jerky this would not be possible.

Hundreds —  if not thousands — of individuals have dedicated all they have in order to save humanity. They have put their lives, their fortunes, and their reputations on the line. Independent media are on the frontlines of this war selflessly sacrificing everything to save the lives of billions of people, and to save our republic from complete and utter decimation.

If America falls there will be no place on earth to run to, no shining light upon a hill for those whom seek refuge. If we fail, our children and grandchildren will watch as the blessings of Life and Liberty crumble before them. Communism, death, and misery will become the new normal and we will have failed them. We can not allow that to happen on our watch.

As the battle of our lives rages on, everyone needs to understand when you purchase Pistol Pete’s Jerky you are literally a foot soldier standing in the gap. You are blockading the communists that are actively coming after our union, ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. Without your financial support we will not be able to win this war.

Now is the time to support independent media who are literally under assault by globalists intent on monopolizing the flow of information & advertising dollars.   By making your purchase at, you are providing the fuel to keep independent media going strong & defending our First Amendment.  A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes towards supporting’s media operation. Don’t forget to enter Promo Code WLT at checkout. “Now is the most critical time to engage, we need all hands on deck” Peter Santilli and Pete Santilli are asking for all foot soldiers to engage by purchasing Pistol Pete’s jerky. Let your battlecry be the purchase of Pistol Pete’s Jerky so we may continue in this fight for our lives, and yours.

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