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Lawsuit Against MINDGEEK S.A.R.L Filed in California on June 17, 2021; “This is a Case About Rape, Not Pornography” – Part 1

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A massive civil lawsuit was filed against “MindGeek S.A.R.L”, and others by Brown Rudnick, LLP on June 17, 2021, in the United States District Court, Central District of California. If the allegations in this 177 page civil lawsuit are proven to be true, this will be the equivalent of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami and the Haiti Earthquake combined. If proven, this case should be known as the MOAB strike that could annihilate one of the most expansive, wide ranging, superhighways for child trafficking rapists around the globe. Corporate media and politicians remain completely silent about this case, the only question is why? Could any of them be part of the MindGeek S.A.R.L. structure of anonymous owners “over-bosses”, secret financiers, or beneficiaries of this alleged money laundering, superhighway of child/human trafficking, rape, torture, and abuse around the world?

The sheer size, depth, and reach of the corporation(s), their shell companies, their financiers are so intertwined and massive it is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. Some of the names are of companies you will recognize such as VISA INC., and others you may not. I will break this case down into a series of articles due to the sheer volume of information contained in the complaint. I can honestly say the Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell cases are horrific; however, they are small in comparison to this case. This is the case about both the physical and virtual superhighway used to traffic, torture, and rape men, women, and children by the likes of Jeffery Epstein and many others on a global scale. MindGeek’s tentacles reach into every community around the globe.

Citing the lawsuit they describe MindGeek as “the most dominant online pornography company in the world. It is also one of the largest human trafficking ventures in the world. And it is likely the largest non-regulatory repository of child pornography in North America and well beyond.”

MindGeek is a classic criminal enterprise run, according to those who know it best, “just like the Sopranos.” The “bosses” at the head of this criminal enterprise are Mindgeek CEO Feras Antoon and financier Berg Bergmair, representing a group of uber-wealthy owners of the company. These owners, the “over-bosses” of the enterprise, are unknown to the public and even to Antoon because they do not want to be publicly associated, or even risk being publicly associated, with the criminal enterprise they fund and from which they profit.”

“This is a case about rape, not pornography. It is a case about the rape and sexual exploitation of children. It is a case about the rape and sexual exploitation of men and women. And it is a case about each of these defendants knowingly and intentionally electing to capitalize and profit from the horrendous exploitation and abuse of tens of thousands of other human beings so they could make more than the enormous sums of money they would have otherwise made anyway.”

Serena Fleites and Jane Doe Nos. 1-33 are being represented by the law firm Brown Rudnick LLP. All plaintiff’s are demanding a Jury Trial, demanding their voices which were once silenced to be heard in a court of law, their stories told, and those whom are part of this criminal conspiracy be held to account for their actions. Accountability is what they seek, and hopefully it is what they will obtain. These former victims are very brave and courageous, they are speaking out against some of the most powerful well connected people in the world. These 34 voices could be the ones to bring down the house of cards in one of the most dynamic spiderwebbed child/human trafficking superhighways in existence today, and possibly saving the lives of tens of thousands of children.

The complaint alleges the defendants have violated and are guilty of:

  1. Violations of Federal Sex Trafficking Laws 18 U.S.C. 1591, 1594, 1595
  2. Receipt, Transport, and Distribution of Child Pornography 18 U.S.C. 2252, 2252A, 2255
  3. Racketeering 18 U.S.C. 1962
  4. Public Disclosure of Private Facts
  5. Intrusion into Private Affairs
  6. Placing Plaintiffs in “False Light”
  7. Common Law Misappropriation of Likeness
  8. Statutory Misappropriation of Likeness California Civil Code #3344
  9. Distribution of Private Sexually Explicit Materials California Civil Code 1708.85
  10. Negligence
  11. Unjust Enrichment
  12. Unfair Competition California Business & Professions Code # 17200, 17500
  13. Civil Conspiracy


MindGeek S.A.R.L. formerly known as Manwin owns and operates over 100 pornographic websites, production companies, and brands including but not limited to: Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, YouPorn, PornIQ, gaytube, Thumbzilla, Peeperz, PornMD, Xtube, Brazzers,, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Twistys,, Mofos, MyDirtyHobby, SexTube, and Webcams. MindGeek also manages websites including Wicked Pictures, and Playboy. MG Freesites, Ltd. aka “MG Freesites” is doing business as “Pornhub”. Yes the same Pornhub website which Hunter Biden was caught having his own questionable pornographic uploads.

This case goes into detail how MindGeek and it’s alter egos (ex: Pornhub) hide behind the “independent uploads” claim for plausible deniability when children as young as 2 years old are posted on their sites being tortured and raped.

Victims of rape, torture, and human trafficking have been trying to have their videos flagged and removed off of MindGeek sites for years. Although MindGeek would “suspend” the illegal videos, it is alleged behind the scenes MindGeek kept those illegal videos and purposely never removed them out of their database. especially if it was a popular money maker. MindGeek and it’s alter ego shell companies would blame the re-uploads of the “removed videos” of child rape and torture videos on “individuals” so they would appear to have clean hands and it being something they could not control, when in reality they were the ones controlling the re-uploads of criminal conduct the entire time.

Here is where if proven true, this case destroys MindGeeks false narrative of “individuals” re-uploading the illegal content of child torture, rape, and human trafficking. Whistleblowers from within the MindGeek structure breaks down the who, what and how. According to whistleblowers cited in this case, the leadership of MindGeek was directly responsible for, and directed trusted third parties to not only create fake “individual” accounts, then directed them to re-upload the previously taken down illegal content of the child rape and torture, so they could once again profit from others pain.

Although MindGeeks tentacles are far and wide through it’s connections and shell companies, it seems to be under the direct control of a small amount of people known internally as the “Bro-Club”, and other “over-bosses” whom are still unknown to this day. It is alleged that “the bosses” at the head of this criminal enterprise are MindGeek CEO Feras Antoon and Financier Berg Bergmair, representing a group of uber-wealthy owners of the company. These owners, the “over bosses” of the enterprise, are unknown to the public and even to Antoon because they do not want to be publicly associated, or even risk being publicly associated, with the criminal enterprise they fund and from which they profit.” 

Citing this case,

the defendants succeeded in creating a bustling marketplace for child pornography, rape videos, trafficked videos, and every other form of non-consensual content. They intentionally elected to not employ any effective monitoring of what was being uploaded, or process for removing content that was exploitive and illegal. To the contrary, in the rare instance where the defendants were forced to remove content from their platform, whistleblowers have confirmed that they subsequently would reupload the content to their platform. Not only did these defendants allow users to populate MindGeek’s platform with non-consensual content, and restore the non-consensual content of those users when removed, they also acquired and populated the MindGeek platform with their own non-consensual content.” [bold mine]

The MindGeek defendants frequently purchased in bulk trafficked content from known trafficking areas such as Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. In doing so, they used third-parties to upload that content in a way that made it look like user uploaded content. In executing this scheme, MindGeed used its byzantine international corporate structure of hundreds of sham shell corporation to mask the process and launder the payments. Put simply, a central element of the business plan that the MindGeeek used to become the dominant online pornography company in the world was the maximum use of non-consensual content. That business plan worked. And the Mindgeek defendants got rich. Also knowingly profiting along with them, were major American credit companies and banks, including in particular here, defendant Visa, who was uniquely suited to stop this exploitation but chose instead to participate in the profiteering. Left devastated were thousands of human beings who were victimized not simply by their original abuser, but then again, and again, and again by MindGeek’s monetization of that exploitation. Plaintiffs in this case are thirty-four such human beings victimized first by their original abuser, and then repeatedly by the defendants in this case.” [bold mine]

This article is Part 1 of many I will be covering on this MindGeek Civil Lawsuit Complaint.  According to the Lead Attorney from Brown Rudnick LLP Mr. Michael Bowe no court date has been set yet and he expects it will take anywhere between 4-6 months before they hear anything. I will update you with new information as it becomes available.  While the allegations in this civil case are horrific, we must remember all individuals accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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