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The Cyber Symposium that Will Rock the World. “It’s the Greatest Crime in History” Mike Lindell Live August 10 – 12th 2021

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Mike Lindell is currently holding a massive Cyber Symposium in South Dakota exposing the theft of American elections through electronic voting machines. From August 10 – 12th  The Pete Santilli Show and are live streaming this historic event. The Pete Santilli Show, OANN, RSBN, are some of the select few independent media outlets invited to cover this historical symposium from inside and on the ground. This symposium holds some of the world’s highest credentialed, top notch, cyber security experts. Corporate media such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, NBC, were all invited to attend. Above is just a sample of what is being exposed.

In the next three days Mike Lindell says he will prove to the world China in an act of cyber war hacked our electronic voting machines and overthrew our union without firing a shot. Mr. Lindell will show evidence the voting machines were hacked, votes were flipped from President Trump to China’s preferred puppet candidate Joe Biden, as well as flipping votes for other candidates reaching all the way down into local level elections.

In attendance are highly credentialed Cyber Security experts, from the United States and around the world. Their job is to try and disprove Mike Lindell’s claim that China stole our 2020 election. The skill sets of the experts include U.S. Military Cyber security analysts, coders, forensic analysts, etc… Their job is to try and disprove Mike Lindell’s claims, if they can prove this information/data is false, the individual(s) will walk out with a 5 million dollar prize. If indeed these experts can not disprove this data, this act of war will be exposed. The United States and countries around the globe will have the knowledge, proof, and means to take down all the electronic voting machines grip hold on the world, thus bringing down the criminal cabal that has oppressed nations for decades.

By ridding these machines from all elections it will help to rid the world of their communist stronghold upon the United States and the globe. This data and information can free the world from those that would destroy every aspect of freedom for the people of the world. This is quite frankly one of the most important historical events to happen in over 150 years.

The Pete Santilli Show is live streaming on many different platforms, find your preferred site here. Pete will also be covering the corporate media’s responses to this information, holding them accountable for their being complicit in covering up one of the greatest crimes in history.

The ultimate question is IF this is proven in the next three days, when will those individuals that were complicit in covering up this act of war upon America be charged, arrested, and tried for treason? This is no longer a “Conspiracy Theory” this is a Conspiracy of the highest magnitude. Make no mistake we are in a Cyber war, the REAL question is will America stand up and be “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave” or will America stand down and become the Land of the fees and home of the slave?

The Pete Santilli Show is an independent self-funded operation fueled by We The People. If you can possibly help Pete and his crew cover the costs of this trip it will be very much appreciated, and is desperately needed. No amount is too small, or large.

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“Now is the most critical time to engage, we need all hands on deck” Peter Santilli 


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