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Mike Lindell Expected to Release Proof of Cyber Symposium Infiltration at 12 Noon EST Today

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Mike Lindell held a cyber symposium in South Dakota from August 10 – 12th. The symposium’s purpose was to show the world evidence that the November 3, 2020 election was stolen from the people of America by electronic voting machine systems, you can see some of those reports here, here, here. During the symposium there were allegedly massive cyber attacks, Antifa infiltrators, whistleblowers targeted, Dominion Voting Systems filing lawsuits against independent media, Mike Lindell himself physically attacked, and corporate media caught spying on elected officials in order to try and sabotage the symposium to distort the message. Mike Lindell contacted Pete Santilli while The Pete Santilli Show was live on air for his morning show stating he will be releasing proof of the allegations above at 12 noon eastern standard time today. You can watch the breaking information live with Pete’s coverage at, if you have any issues with your stream you can find other live feeds at, and it will also be live streamed on Buckle up folks, this is getting ready to get really interesting.

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  1. I am a grandmother who downloaded election information from Edison Research into Excel. I was able to duplicate the election graphs showing deviations in the swing states that has been shown in the news. I have not seen anyone show the graph from Virginia, which is horrific. I asked my nephew who helped me, if he saw this Excel file and he was a judge, would he consider this proof of election fraud. He said if he was a judge and he saw this, he would demand a forensic audit of the machines. I would be glad to send the file for your review.

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