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Calling Walk-A-Way Founder Brandon Straka a bonified government SNITCH pains me, but it’s an indisputable fact.

Of course, I am not even close to being anti-government, but when I refer to Straka’s cooperation with the “government”, I’m referring to those within the existing regime at the executive which overthrew our Constitutional Republic on November 3rd.

He not only spoke to the FBI once, he spoke to them multiple times and offered information in exchange for getting a lenient sentence.   Irrefutable documentation contained within his “COURT DOCKET” ( Official court record) clearly demonstrates several distinct facts that should be concerning to all Americans:

  1. Straka met with the government 3 separate times between February 17, 2021 and January 5, 2022.
  2. Meetings primarily focused on the “CONSPIRACY” charges which the coup-plotting government has been pursuing & prosecuting relentlessly.  Although Straka claims he “denied” he was aware of any conspiracy, he has not disclosed what information he provided which the government admitted “may impact his sentencing” , and in fact resulted in substantial reduction in his charges.
  3. The government entered a reduction of Straka’s charges without any public hearings or litigation.  It appears as though they initiated the process by submitting a reduction of charges without being formally asked by Straka’s Defense team in the form of a motion or hearing — essentially, a back door deal that was obviously negotiated in secret between the defense and prosecution, as there are changes to the wording of the charges filed on October 4th 2021.  This is not speculation.  These are FACTS which were taken directly from the court docket. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT)
  4. On October 4th/5th, Politico published an article titled “JAN 6 PANEL BRACES FOR COLLISION WITH TRUMP” indicating that Straka “appeared on paperwork by organizers of the pre-Jan 6 event, and was included among a list provided to the Jan 6 committee by the National Archives”.
  5. On 12-23-21, the government has specifically attempted to conceal information from the public record.   A “minute order” was entered into the public record by the judge denying the government’s request to “SEAL DOCUMENT #33”, because it did not appear to have any sensitive information, as the government stated in their motion to seal.  Document #33 is available for public viewing and scrutiny.  The public must ask themselves, what in this document was so sensitive that the government wanted it to be “SEALED”?  (See Document #33)
  6.  In Straka’s written & sworn plea agreement on October 6, 2021, in the section titled “COOPERATION & ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATION” , Straka agreed to an in-person meeting with law enforcement to provide information in his social media contacts, accounts, photos, etc. on his phone or any other device.  Essentially, without a warrant, Straka agreed to hand over all of his supporters posts, pictures, messages, emails, comments, etc.   Good luck to everyone (like myself) who have supported, followed and donated to the Walk-A-Way movement.  Millions of people spoon fed to the most corrupt crime syndicate in U.S. History — the FBI.  Who needs a warrant or illegal surveillance at the FBI when they have Brandon Straka walking through the front door just handing them his entire database?!
  7. As late as January 18, 2022, Brandon Straka is still kicking & screaming that he didn’t get his way, and it appears that he is back tracking on his sworn agreement with the U.S. Government.  He wanted a “dismissal” and “felt compelled to respond” on the eve of his sentencing hearing.   In exchange for leniency and/or favor, Straka has betrayed his own supporters.  While he publicly continues to lure supporters for donations & endurance, he has caved to the deep state pressure by giving them what they need to whip up conspiracy charges on others.   He has even admitted to committing perjury in his plea agreement (listen to his own words when asked if what he signed is true.) 

A word to the wise:  If ANYONE had direct contact with Brandon Straka before, during or after January 6th —especially at the “Willard Hotel” in Washington DC —- you are potentially in jeopardy of being body slammed into a “conspiracy” charge/indictment.   It doesn’t matter if Brandon Straka “denies he knew about any conspiracy” on one side of his mouth, while he hands the FBI all photos, audio recordings and detailed notes of “meetings” that took place before January 6th with, for example, Bozo the Clown, Bernard Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Thanks to Brandon Straka, everyone who stayed at the Willard Hotel;  and may be on his phone;  are now safely tucked away in the FBI vault for future use.

Everyone who has donated to Brandon Straka, especially for his “legal defense”, needs to consider that their money has gone towards the prosecution of some very innocent American patriots.

Please pay no attention to my commentary and/or opinion, and especially do not listen to anything Straka is now publicly saying about him being “smeared”.  Read what is contained in the court docket for yourself.  If I have made any errors with the facts presented here, please notify me IMMEDIATELY so I can correct the official court record.

Until someone can convince me that everything Brandon Straka has filed on the official federal court records is a hoax, I hereby declare Straka a bonafide, government SNITCH, and I am not walking away from Straka,  I am running as fast and as far as I can until he can tell America what information he gave to the FBI, and why he agreed to give away our information without a warrant.

Patriots don’t do that.  Snitches who are trying to get a deal do.  Not even criminals like snitches.  If Brandon Straka was incarcerated, he would have to be placed in “protective custody” because the general pollution would try to “shank” him for being one of the lowest lifeforms on earth — A SNITCH.


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