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Journalists Detained by Klaus Schwab’s “World Economic Forum Police” In Davos

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May 23, 2022 at 02:37PM (TB100) Watch: Journalists Detained by Swiss Police Outside Davos WEF Summit

Human Events reporter Jack Posobiec and his crew were detained by police on the streets of Davos, Switzerland, Monday, as the World Economic Forum kicked off its 2022 annual meeting.

Posobiec filmed as armed WEF police patrolling the event questioned him and asked him to stop filming, telling him, “Here it’s not allowed.”

At that point, reporter Savanah Hernandez arrived on the scene and documented the detainment, with Posobiec telling her he was detained for “looking suspicious.”

“We’re just making a normal police patrol, because you know, it’s WEF…” a female police spokesperson told Hernandez.

“Is there a reason he specifically was targeted?” Hernandez asked.

“There is a reason, because we have to have a reason to control a person,” the police rep responded.

Asked why Posobiec specifically was being targeted, the police rep replied, “I don’t have to tell you.”

The reporter was also asked to delete her footage of the incident.

According to Hernandez, police dispersed soon after the detainment was documented.

After he was released, Posobiec reported he’d been detained for an hour by WEF Police simply for filming outside the event even after he’d shown them his passport and press passes.

The WEF’s annual globalist confab is happening this week through May 26 after taking a two-year hiatus. This year’s theme centers around restoring trust in global institutions and discussing ways to advance the Great Reset agenda.

Stay tuned for more reports out of Davos!


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