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Devin Nunes: This Is Why I Left Congress

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On Monday’s “Wake Up America,” Devin Nunes revealed why he resigned from Congress to be CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, and reacted to the latest news from the trial of fmr. Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.



Is this a situation where, where Hillary Clinton should apologize, not just to Donald Trump, but to the American people for this charade for the last seven years that we’ve gone through. And basically how do we repair the damage that’s already been done?


Well, look, I, I think it’s much darker than that. I think more serious than that because what started in 15 and 16 as a dirty political operation that ultimately β€”- think about it β€”- even at that time, they were able to corrupt elements within the DOJ and FBI that then β€”-  full blown by 2017 β€”- you got full corruption at the FBI and DOJ.   You have many of these characters β€”- we ran that investigation β€”- they were under subpoena β€”- we never received a lot of this information that was really pertinent to our investigation. So right there, they lied and they misled Congress. 

And so look just fast forward, where do we end up? Well now just, you know, in the last few weeks we end up with transcripts from the Supreme court leaking out of, of potential decisions on cases you have protests occurring at the Supreme court justices house.

That’s how far, and I believe this kind of era of disinformation is really critical.  And Robin, that’s why I left β€”β€” I didn’t need a new job. I was perfectly happy representing the central valley in Congress and Donald Trump didn’t need a new company. Right. 

But part of this whole problem with the disinformation, our inability to, to not be able to communicate, and a lot of us being kicked off of all these social media platforms —- all of this is related. 

I mean, that’s why we started true social was to try to combat all this, to allow the American people, to communicate with one another. So all of this is all related. I hope Understand that.


James Baker testified last week, he said the bureau would’ve treated this type of information a lot differently. Had they known it was coming directly from the Clinton campaign? What should you make of that? How did they not know?


Well, that’s the thing. It’s this little sliver versus the whole enchilada. Baker had to have known the whole thing. He had to know that this whole thing was being concocted by the campaign. This is very specific as to whether or not the lawyer when he came into the FBI, whether or not he was representing the Clintons and the DNC or not. That’s really what this comes down to. So, what Durham is able to do, he’s really exposing all of these characters, which is good.

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