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Lindsey Graham Sides With Biden On Gun Grab

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Senator Lindsey Graham Says He Is Ready to Vote on ALL Gun Control Proposals Mentioned by Joe Biden

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) on Thursday evening said he is ready to vote on ALL gun control proposals mentioned by Joe Biden.

Lindsey Graham also urged Schumer to bring the gun control proposals forward for votes.

“I stand ready to vote on ALL the proposals mentioned by President Biden tonight and encourage the Democratic Leader to bring them forward for votes.” Lindsey Graham said.

Senator Graham also added he is ready to “work across the aisle to find common ground” on gun control legislation.

Joe Biden Thursday evening delivered remarks on the recent mass shootings and called on Congress to reinstate the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban.’

Biden attacked the Second Amendment – AGAIN – and said no amendment is absolute.

Joe Biden called for ‘red flag laws’ and demanded the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ be reinstated.

“We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21,” said Biden.

Joe Biden also called on Congress to limit how many rounds a weapon can hold.

“We should limit how many rounds a weapon can hold. Why in God’s name should an ordinary citizen be able to purchase an assault weapon that holds 30-round magazines, that let mass shooters fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes?” Biden said.

And sellout Lindsey Graham is ready to go full steam ahead on Biden’s proposals attacking the Second Amendment.

Lindsey Graham says he owns an AR-15 in case of a ‘natural disaster’ and ‘gangs’

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said on “Fox News Sunday” he would use his AR-15 to defend his home if needed, a comment that drew the ire of some gun control advocates. 

“If there is a natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be the last one that the gang will come to because I can defend myself,” the South Carolina senator told the show’s host, Chris Wallace.

“If you have (an AR-15) lawfully, I think you should be allowed to keep it,” he added.

Graham admitted to owning the assault rifle after Wallace asked what was wrong with a serious debate on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

“At the end of the day if you think an assault weapons ban is what the country needs, bring it to the floor of the United States Senate and vote on it. I welcome that debate,” Graham said.

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