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CISA Releases Bombshell Report: Dominion Voting Machines Unsecured

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CISA released its much-anticipated report on Dominion Voting Machines on Friday afternoon before the weekend.

Last Saturday, CNN admitted that Dominion Voting Machine Software has flaws that can be exploited.

Federal authorities finally admitted to this truth last Saturday during the long holiday weekend.

The same officials who did not inspect the machines after the election told CNN that there is no evidence that the machines were tampered with.

The Fake News Media, which obviously has a vested interest in the outcome of a rigged election as they receive hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue from big pharma, etc., immediately published news reports which spun a false narrative.

CBS NEWS: “U.S. finds no evidence flaws in Dominion voting machines were ever exploited”

WASHINGTON POST: “No evidence of exploitation of Dominion voting machine flaws…”

The Fake News Media spun the government report to suit the narrative favorable to those who steal elections by failing to mention one very important fact: Hackers who can exploit the vulnerabilities outlined in the CISA report can also write software to remove all evidence of their hacking. Essentially, they lied to the public by omission.

Clinton Curtis a veteran computer programmer, testified in 2004 at a U.S. Congressional Hearing about being contacted by a Florida Congress person to rig Florida’s elections.

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