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Jan 6th Defendant Brandon Straka Is A Victim… Who Is Now Making Matters Even Worse

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Important Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, yet a very well-informed opinion. it is not intended to harm, but to inform the public of this matter of high importance.

Approximately 6 months ago, I published a controversial, unpopular, but 100% fact-centered article regarding January 6th defendant Brandon Straka’s plea agreement. (See Article: DOES THE FBI NOW HAVE THE ENTIRE WALK-AWAY DONOR & CONTACT DATABASE? BRANDON STRAKA MET WITH THEM 3 TIMES)

Recently “sealed” documents have been released which confirm what I suspected — in part — that Brandon Straka’s cooperation with federal authorities is potentially damaging to individuals by voluntarily providing information to the FBI & DOJ which the government considers “substantial”.

After hearing Brandon Straka’s Twitter “SPACES” audio presentation on Sunday July 31, 2022; based on my extensive experience dealing with the Department of Justice’s malicious tactics in building conspiracy cases, I feel compelled to inform the public (especially the individuals Straka has potentially implicated) about some very important concerns I now have:

  1. Brandon Straka is a “mark”. Straka may have innocently, ignorantly, and now apparently naively cooperated with the government as part of his plea agreement. Based on the information I’ve collected and analyzed from his own legal case filing, in addition to his recent public pronouncements regarding document leaks, I can honestly say that Brandon Straka is way over his skies against a very formidable adversary. In my well-informed opinion, he’s clearly a victim of lawfare being perpetrated by the DOJ, and in street-lingo, he can best be categorized as a “mark” who was easy prey to help the DOJ without him even knowing it.
  2. America-First/Conservatives are equally clueless and naive about who they are up against. There’s a reason why Trump supporters, and conservatives in general, get their tails kicked — because their adversary is brilliant, strategic, covert, devious, and malicious. Most importantly, they’ve spent decades deeply infiltrating every institution of our government & politics, and in this late stage of completing their marxist overthrow of our Republic, their strongest work-horses doing the heaviest lifting….are the conservatives.
  3. Brandon Straka insists that he cooperated with the government, but everyone needs to understand that, in his own opinion, was innocent and harmless. He’s proudly proclaimed that although he spoke to the government, he ultimately told the government that he never witnessed anyone break the law. Straka’s comments indicate he is obviously — if not dangerously — clueless about how the government builds a conspiracy case. While he insists he helped individuals with his cooperation, he is clueless about how his testimony may have assisted the government “substantially” in building conspiracy charges against others.
  4. Brandon Straka insists that the sealed documents must remain sealed because they contain sensitive information such as his home address. This is a major red flag, especially since the court is in the process of determining redactions before they are publicly released. In the spirit of full transparency, Straka should be insisting that all sealed documents be released after his home address is redacted.
  5. Each individual identified in Straka’s sealed documents, as well as the information he provided about them should have access to that information for their defense. Essentially, Straka is insisting on protecting himself at the expense of each individual who may be in legal jeopardy as a result of his testimony.

If Brandon Straka has nothing to hide, and the information he provided regarding other individuals targeted by the DOJ was harmless, then why is he opposing unsealing the documents?

The primary reason why I am advocating for full release (with sensitive information such as home addresses redacted), is because the people he has given testimony about deserve to have that information provided to their attorneys for their defense. This isn’t about Brandon Straka, this is about the people he has potentially harmed to save himself. It is a FACT that the government found Straka’s information so “substantial” that he received leniency and favor. These facts are in the official court record, unsealed and unredacted.

For some strange reason, many justifiably sympathetic influencers unjustifiably refuse to accept the reality that Brandon Straka spoke to the people complicit in overthrowing our Republic 3 times. They also avoid addressing the questions that could help other lessor-known Americans defend themselves. Their judgement may be clouded by Straka’s ability to fund raise, attract social media followers, as well as their own self interest in selling books or pushing fund raising campaigns to his followers. I’m certainly not against fund raising or campaigning for financial support of the Jan 6 defendants, I’m just repulsed by those turning a blind eye to the questionable character of Brandon Straka, presently one of the least credible conduits for fund raising & follower-building.

For instance, so-called “Patriots” need to internalize the following fact: To save himself, Brandon Straka negotiated a plea agreement which included cooperating with the government on three occasions. We could argue whether or not it was justified, as he was fearful of going to jail, and we could also sympathize with Straka, that his character was too weak to withstand the overwhelming force of the government. Who is to blame for that scenario? The forceful overbearing government, or the weak character of Straka. 97% of Americans are too weak to withstand government force. This is a fact, as the government celebrates a 97% success rate in obtaining plea deals and convictions.

In my opinion, too many Americans are rallying in support of a known, admitted government cooperator. Even more alarming are the ones who turn a blind eye to asking important questions which Straka’s potential victims deserve answers. It is also my strong, well-informed opinion that most influencers are putting their own self interests before integrity and principle.

Since I published my original article 6 months ago, too many people have told me that I was harming Brandon, and that he has a huge following & tremendous talent to build his organization and following. Essentially, they’ve told me directly and indirectly that the benefits of covering up the details far out weigh the importance of learning the truth. Brandon represents huge fund raising and list-building potential, and therefore we need to keep the patriot cash register ringing.

Quite frankly, the Twitter “SPACE” was nauseating throughout the entire session. A group comprised of so-called leaders and influencers rallying to support a weakened, battered, and openly-homosexual hair dresser; pandering to christians by calling for prayers one moment, dropping F-bombs the next moment, introducing a porn-star boyfriend of a Jan 6’r who voluntarily pleaded guilty to receive a 60 day sentence; cussing one minute, giving “God Bless You’s” the next….it was actually confusing to understand what these people stand for. The Constitution? Biblical and Christian Principles? Sexual deviancy? Patriotism? Truth? Transparency in one breathe while calling for secret sealed documents in another? Making really good points 98% of the time while concealing 2% of the most important truth?

The entire session demonstrates the cluelessness of both Brandon Straka, as well as his supporters as to how the government builds conspiracy cases. Whereas the government had missing puzzle pieces that Brandon Straka was able to provide through his “cooperation”. He has no idea what they needed, or what they were looking for. To make my point, I will create a fictitious scenario to help illustrate the potential damage to other “unindicted co-conspirators”: What if Brandon testified to the FBI by stating, “I know XYZ person, and I never saw them break the law. All I know is that we got together for coffee & laughter on the morning of January 6th in the conference room of the Willard Hotel along with Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone & General Flynn. BOOM! The government suspected that there was a meeting in the morning at the Willard, but didn’t know who was there, and they didn’t have any witness testimony to corroborate the details of the meeting. There are four elements to charge conspiracy, and Straka could have innocently, and unknowingly provided one missing element they need to wrap a bunch of innocent Americans into the criminal conspiracy charge.

One side bar note: Journalist Julie Kelly, who has done a fantastic job collecting information regarding January 6th for her books and articles, and who has done a great job bringing public awareness to the topic — for the expressed purpose of publishing books, made a stunning announcement as she exited the “SPACES” session. Whether she realized it or not, most Americans aren’t very understanding towards people who are too busy to partake in an important topic because they have a tennis appointment. As connected as Julie is to the January 6th defendants and their families, she has once again demonstrated how disconnected she is from middle America. Since day one, Julie has portrayed a willingness to dive deep into the legal system weaponized against the Jan 6th defendants, but her overflowing elitism is exceptionally repulsive. She should refrain from snubbing her nose at the less important, but at the very least, she should be more transparent about her fund raiser funneling schemes and book selling aspirations. Sadly, Julie Kelly has created an impression that she’s in the game to sell books, get on FoxNews, receive praise from the DC elite, and pushing millions via an Steve Bannon’s show to her favored & exclusive non-profits — who are selectively and unfairly distributing critically needed donations to select Jan 6th families and hand picked attorneys. In my opinion, when someone such as Julie Kelly does a “great job”, we all need to get our hackles up when if they leave a trail of improper conduct and intentions. If Steve Bannon only knew of the behind the scenes dynamics, he would certainly avoid the scrutiny which will undoubtedly and eventually come from the U.S. Government — they would LOVE to attach his name to it.

Openly bragging about a more-important tennis appointment to a group of desperate victims of the DOJ should alarm everyone. Many months ago I personally asked Julie Kelly to utilize her self-described influence in DC to get the U.S. Marshals to intervene and investigate mistreatment of the incarcerated detainees. Nothing came of it, and as far as I know, she hasn’t called for help from legislators and the U.S. Marshals to intervene and end the abuse of January 6th detainees in any of her main stream media interviews. There’s no money in ending the abuse. There’s no money in attorneys resolving the Jan 6th cases quickly. Instead, it appears she has focused on funneling millions of people to a non-profit she is intimately connected to (without disclaiming to the public her relationship), founded & run by a extremely controlling and polarizing individual who discriminately distributes 100’s of thousands in donations to those individuals, families and attorney who abide by her dictates. Dysfunctional at minimum; highly questionable to say the least, especially since the leader of the non-profit stated to me that she “didn’t need the little people” anymore, presumably since Julie Kelly has connected her to large media outlets and major donors contributing to the non-profit fund. It’s especially important to note that the fundraising effort was born after I dedicated many months around the clock to helping set up the same family support network we built during the Bundy trials for the defendants. Unfortunately I had a birds-eye view of some very disturbing and dramatic occurrences that I could no longer associate with, but everything I was concerned about is materializing in full view of the public; thankfully, without my name attached to it. It was very obvious to me that the organizations, fund raising mechanisms, attorney and book writers were settling in for the long haul. Of course, there isn’t as much money in resolving the January 6th cases expeditiously.

Since I was released from political imprisonment in October 2017 I’ve worked day & night to investigate the same criminals who wrongfully prosecuted the Bundy Defendants including myself who are now attempting to overthrow our republic. Through our experience, I learned exactly how the government builds conspiracy cases — simply, but clearly stated, I’m an expert in this subject matter. I’ve learned how the federal detention system works, and I’ve also learned how powerful a family support network is on the outside of our incarceration. Very importantly, I’ve also learned how the grifters siphoned millions off our backs as we struggled for freedom in the court system. Fortunately, we won 2 federal trials. Unfortunately for those attempting to deceive the public, I’ve learned how to spot grifters a mile away. Sadly, some of the “cooperators” in our Bundy Cases acted in the same exact suspicious manner that Brandon Straka is exhibiting.

As an investigative journalist facing 4 life sentences, I was involved in successfully prosecuting and winning 2 federal trials. Most federal attorneys do not have such a successful track record. I didn’t do it to sell books. I didn’t do it to maintain & fund raise from millions of followers — they were deleted from my social media accounts. I certainly didn’t do it to get on FoxNews — I’ve been blackballed by FoxNews because the establishment can never have me broadcast what I know about the true corruption within our system that I experienced first hand. Since my return to broadcasting, my viewers have come to know that I deliver 100% of the truth, not 80% so I can raise millions and sell books to a broader, information-deprived audience. My greatest success and wealth has been obtained holding my integrity intact without compromise, especially never intending to save myself, but always putting justice and my country first & above all else.

By continuing to promote and justify secrecy, Brandon Straka is making matters even worse for himself. He could end this painful segment of his journey by demanding an immediate unsealing and release of all documents in his case file. A motion could be filed tomorrow at his request through his attorney. Once the documents are revealed, Brandon Straka can rest well knowing that the people he has potentially harmed at least have a chance to defend themselves. Without knowing what he testified to, they can never have a fair chance at defending against his words.

Most importantly, Brandon Straka has a great opportunity to redeem himself for having received favor and leniency at the expense of everyone around him. He’s unquestionably betrayed his country and fellow Americans to save himself, but he has an opportunity to turn this around for the people he purports to lead. Absent full transparency, there shouldn’t be one person remaining in his circle of influence who can trust him.

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