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Left Proves They See DOJ And FBI As Their Private Henchmen Over Movement Of Illegals Into Blue States

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They lefty freak out over the movement of illegals into blue states is hilarious- but why don't they care about the open border?

All of a sudden, this week, the left is very worried about the illegal migration and movement of unknown third-world people into the United States of America.

DID YOU KNOW: That in 2016, before the open borders of Democrat Joe Biden, there were already an estimated 10 Million illegals in the USA, according to Pew Research? That number has grown massively- under the disaster, Democrats- and the left have applauded the invasion- until yesterday when migrants were moved into their elite enclaves.

And the left is now – not happy.

After dueling immigration escapades on Thursday; one in Florida compliments of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who moved migrants from his state of Florida- to Martha’s Vineyard, and the other thanks to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who moved migrants from Texas to Washington DC -all heck has broken loose, and the left is freaking out and showing how fragile they are.

Martha’s Vinyard declared an emergency after 50 people entered the state looking for refuge.

The Babylon Bee found the story and accurately had some fun with the freak-out:

“MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA — Residents of upscale Martha’s Vineyard are in a panic after several buses dropped off illegal immigrants from Florida this week. One terrified resident reportedly called the authorities after seeing Hispanic males outside her home, not even operating a leaf blower or any other kind of gardening equipment.

“Hello, is this 911? Yes, there are brown-looking Latinx people outside my 20,000-square-foot seaside home, and they aren’t even carrying leaf blowers,” said a terrified Mavis McWhite to the dispatcher. “They aren’t even holding so much as a rake. They’re up to no good. I’m scared! Please send help!”

But it is not funny to the fragile leftists.

Some have even turned to demand Joe Biden and the DOJ do something about the invasion of their unique spaces. Stompy foot Governor Gavin Newsom had a temper tantrum- and put it on his official letterhead:

Leftist Nikki Fried threw a temper tantrum as well- showing she cares about her state- when she can play politics. And what a genius! She is worried about ‘taxpayer funds.’ Who does she think is paying for the millions of migrants who are in the country now? Many of them are in her state.

Proving that the left doesn’t care about the country- they care about themselves and their political power- and isn’t that what DeSantis and Abbott were trying to prove?

And what did the left prove? They will beacon to the nation’s top law enforcement and national security agencies- as if the tax payer funded agencies are the personal Henchmen for the left.

Have you seen enough to go vote these people out yet? Mid-terms are coming. Vote these Democrats out.

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