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Conspiracy Theory! Stacey Abrams Freaks Out And Says Heartbeat Machines Are Fake [VIDEO]

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This is shocking, especially coming from a woman who holds herself out to be one of the greatest genius minds on the entire planet. Radical progressive leftist Stacey Abrams, to who RINO Republicans actually are dumb enough to submit their freedom and liberty – has gone and shown that her ‘elevator does not go to the top’. She says there is no such thing as a heartbeat in a human baby at 6 weeks gestation.

That is crazy!


“Stacey Abrams is pushing a theory here that ultrasound machines, used in hospitals now all over the world, were designed by a cabal of men, to manufacture a sound beat on purpose, in order to convince women to keep unwanted pregnancies. This is beyond QAnon shit,” Stephen Miller posted on Twitter with a clip of Abrams spouting off her crazy ideas.

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