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New PA Dominion Lawsuit Alleges Foreign Databases Were Connected

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Dominion voting systems face a major lawsuit that was submitted on Wednesday morning that focuses on alleged violations of the group’s contract, certification issues, connectivity issues, and alleged foreign databases and scripts which have been found on the systems that tabulate many US elections.

FLASHBACK.. anyone else remember?

Some of the topics of concern for election activists, who have been rallying to displace the Dominion machines, remain: internet connectivity, outdated security protections, remote accessibility, and random USBs inserted.

The details of the lawsuit will be alarming since it comes from a battleground state that was central in much of the 2020 election controversy.

“Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems for ‘Unauthorized Python Script’ & ‘Foreign IP Address’. Fulton County PA filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems this morning for a “breach of contract,” reported a poster known as KanekoaTheGreat, in a newsletter.

According to the lawsuit, the county says that it became “aware of severe anomalies” with Dominion Voting Systems during the 2020 election after it was unable to reconcile “voter data with votes actually cast and counted”.

An investigation by Wake Technology Services of West Chester, Pa. into the machines at the county’s request in February 2021 found numerous significant issues with the machines.

These included ballot scanning errors and non-certified database tools installed on the system.

Speckin Forensics Laboratories based out of Lansing, Michigan, was retained to acquire forensic images of six hard drives in Fulton County, Pennsylvania on July 13-14, 2022.

The private forensics firm, whose “examiners have presented testimony in over 30 states”, produced a county-commissioned report on September 15, 2022, which revealed “several deficiencies” that directly contradict the “contractual terms and conditions” provided to Fulton County by Dominion Voting Systems.

The report alleges that Fulton County’s log files show “an external IP address” located in Quebec, Canada, and that an unauthorized “python script” had been installed after the certification date.

Moreover, the system’s security patch had not been updated since April 10, 2019, and default usernames and passwords had not been changed since the time of installation.

The report says, “This python script can exploit and create any number of vulnerabilities including, external access to the system, data export of the tabulations, or introduction of other metrics not part of or allowed by the certification process.”

What’s more, this “external IP address” was found on the very same adjudication workstation that contained the “post certification python script.”

Much of the evidence disclosed is the result of an analysis and report issued by Erick Speckin. The Gateway Pundit reported on Speckin’s research in another PA county earlier this week.

From the lawsuit:46. On or after November 2020, Fulton County became aware of severe anomalies in the Dominion Voting Systems due to the inaccuracy and/or inability to reconcile voter data with votes actually cast and counted, i.e., tabulated, by the System in Fulton County

47. On or after November 2020, Fulton County became aware of certain factors and aspects of the Dominion Voting Systems that did not meet the “conditions” for certification set forth in January 2019 / February 2019 certification report

49. In addition, Fulton County was informed of additional anomalies and problems in Dominion’s “voting” systems via an expert report written by J. Alex Halderman in July 2021. (EXHIBIT C, the Halderman Declaration, September 21, 2021).

50. In his declaration, Halderman described numerous security vulnerabilities in Dominion’s ICX software, including flaws that would allow attackers to install malicious software on the ICX, either with temporary or physical access (such as that of voters in polling places) or remotely from election management systems. EXHIBIT C

52. At the time of that report, the author described that these vulnerabilities still existed, and could be mitigated, but that such mitigation would “take months for Dominion to assess the problems, develop responsive software updates, test them, obtain any necessary approvals from the EAC and state-level certification authorities, and distribute the new software

54. The report also notes that the ICX is set to be used in 2022 in at least parts of 16 states, including Pennsylvania, with these vulnerabilities and faults still in place


c. There were non-certified database tools installed on the Dominion Voting System;

d. There were changes made to EMS three weeks before the 2020 election; and

e. There was a lack of commonwealth L&A inspections of the Dominion Voting Systems.

on September 15, 2022, a commissioned report revealed several deficiencies and the absence of information and data that directly implicated and contradicted the contractual terms, conditions, promises, and warranties provided to Fulton County by Dominion in the Agreement and the conditions required for certification in the Dominion Certification Report.

69. The September Report showed that external USB hard drives had been inserted in the machines on several occasions, and that there is no known list of approved external drives that could have been or were used or inserted into the machines. In this regard, the report concluded that there was no way to determine whether and to what extent these unauthorized drives compromised the data or the system.

And there is so much more. Here is the lawsuit: Lawsuit 

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