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TELL ALL: “There Is No Democracy With The Machines” Democrat Author Of Source Code Clinton Curtis [VIDEO]

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Clinton Curtis is a long-time supporter of Democrat Joe Biden. What he has to say about America’s election system and specifically the machines that are programmed to count votes should shake America to the very core. And that means Democrat and Republican Americans and everyone in between.

Cutis’s experience and expertise on the topic is undeniably solid. Moreover, his point of view is rational and logical. The only problem is that Americans need to unite to change the problems together.

“The machines are king, and until we get rid of them, we will not have free and fair elections that we can trust,” Curtis told Santilli and made his case with some shocking truths.

“We need Democrats and Republicans to agree to fix our system. We need a change in foreign policy, and a lot of things are in the path,, but we will not have a real Democracy in this country until we fix these things,” he told Santilli.

Curtis appeared on the Pete Santilli show on Thursday, Sept 22, 2022, to tell his story as a programmer turned election whistleblower, now attorney, who is focused on election integrity and getting rid of the vote counting machines. His research, personal experience, investigations, and legal advocacy is solid, and this is not the first time he told anyone what he knows.

Curtis testified in 2004 for the US Congress about the technology that he personally designed to flip elections. At the time, he talked about the Speaker of Florida House, Republican Tom Feeny, hiring him to create the software that would result in a 51%-49% victory for Feeny. Curtis testified under oath about what he had been asked to do.

“The problem is that Democrats forgot they used to audit elections and find all the fraud and caught the fraud. That is why Democrats should be engaged now,” Santilli said, laying the groundwork for his plea to get Democrats involved in the push for election integrity again.

“You don’t have to like us, just unify with us and demand free elections,” Santilli said. Curtis agreed. “We need to take away trust issues. We need paper ballots at the precinct level and the counting, by hand, televised for everyone to watch and count along,” Curtis added.

“I ran for US Congress on this issue to get rid of the machines. When I lost, we did the audits and presented all of that to Congress, and they ignored us. They know about these problems, but they do not care,” Curtis told Santilli.

“We have a broken system. People have been selected and de-selected if they get into office and want to fix the proble, as I discovered in North Carolina,” Santilli said, talking about his recent visit to North Carolina, where he spoke of the vote tabulating machine issues there in that state.

The most shocking part of the discussion between the two was on the topic of a citizen’s Constitutional right to have the vote counted. According to Curtis, that right does not exist. So people should really want to get rid of the machine tabulators.

“Having elections counted on machines is timely and expensive,” Santilli said, adding,” but people will think it takes too long to count by hand, and they will refuse to give them up.”

“Take the machines and throw them in the ocean, and go back to hand counting.” But, Curtis said, “there is no reason to not count by hand.”

But America needs unity from both parties before anything can be done.

“We are sending this message out to the Democrats- this is way and above bigger than Trump. Democrats need to know that they have been with the party that has been complaining about voter fraud-and they were right, and they need to protect their own vote,” Santilli said, hinting at his plans to dig in and engage with Democrats on election integrity demands.

“We need to change things now for a good election in 2024,” Santilli said.

“That’s right, you don’t know who is pulling the switches and as long as we treated elections like a game, no one is going to have confidence in them, including Democrats,” Curtis said.

Watch the full exclusive Santilli-Curtis interview here:

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