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‘Fighting For Freedom And Having Fun’: Mike Lindell Hunted By DOJ, Releases New Promo Code For Best Night Sleep

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Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, says he is not ever going to give up on demanding that the scandalous vote tabulating machines used in US elections are all melted down and destroyed, and he told Prete Santilli that again on Thursday in response to the breaking news that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for Democrat Joe Biden is going to deploy against him and try to destroy his efforts for free and fair elections- FIRST.

Even though Mike is being roundly persecuted – he took some time to turn the tables and have some fun with a new My Pillow ad, but first there are painful details to understand in this case.

Being true to their anti-American tactics, the FBI recently nabbed Lindell’s cell phone, the tool he uses the most to run all of his business, taking an opportunity to block him into his car when he was out ordering a hamburger for lunch, to harass him and demand his communication device- before Lindell can make any more progress on the election integrity front.

Lindell appeared on The Pete Santilli show on Thursday to talk about the details of the harassment he faces and to release some ‘breaking news’ of his own- a new promo code for My Pillow.

But before all the fun, Lindell and Santilli talked about the shocking details of the Democrats and uni-party using the FBI and DOJ on Lindell in a clear pattern of political intimidation.

Keypoint from Lindell:

LINDELL: I believe this last thing with the FBI last week, [seizing Lindell’s phone] was because we came up with all the cast phone records and over a thousand counties and only three percent [of those records] are not compromised by machines or algorithms. And they don’t like that. Just like we had the Dennis Montgomery evidence, and like we have [showing ] inside the machine such as the Mesa County image, but they’ve weaponized the FBI.

We now have filed [a lawsuit]. We’re suing the government and the FBI. We just put out a temporary restraining order. We’re going to stop them from using my phone and getting in there. My lawyer said that technology law has not caught up with technology.

Taking my cell phone is a little bit different than coming and getting a few papers. It’s my whole life. Everything I had was in that phone.

It’s just a lot, like my whole life in there cuz I don’t use a computer or a, or a laptop. I use everything right here on my cell phone.”

To open the show, Santill explained the background of Lindell’s election integrity work:

SANTILLI: Lindell is an advocate basically to expose the anomalies that we all knew took place in the November [202] election. In January he was given evidence of crimes against our country, including the fact that election fraud took place, and as a result of all of the work he’s done ever since then to expose the election fraud in particular in Colorado, he is being hounded.

His work is important, especially because of what he has through Tina Peters and the forensic report that was produced from her investigations. Peter’s report was the most comprehensive forensic report yet and, Mike has been leading the charge to make it public.

And today we heard that the DOJ is investigating Mike over -as they say- potential identity theft damage against the protected computers. “

The the two talked about the details of Lindell’s activism, closing with:

LINDELL: Never give up. I will go down to absolutely no money, penniless and pitiless, and still be saying to go after the machines. I give the glory to God. God has been my strength and not and Faith. Amen.

SANTILLI: It is you who taught me, and through our interaction, to be a better Christian man as well. I want to thank you for that, and I think everyone has been inspired by you.

(AND NOW FOR THE FUN): I got breaking news here. I normally wouldn’t do this. The FBI now admits that they’re getting a great night’s sleep.

OK, watch this, Mike,” Santilli said, playing a must-watch video.

Overheard is an FBI agent saying, “I can’t sleep. How can I sleep? Knowing I’m just full of glowing with the Biden Administration.”

FUN! But don’t skip to the end just for the ad; watch this whole interview of Lindell and hear what he is facing in his pursuit to demand election integrity for free and fair elections. 

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