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‘Woke Culture Is For Cleansing Patriots’: Back Channel Communications Filled Up With FBI Whistleblowers In Outrage Over Use Of Domestic Terrorism Labels On Americans

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Pete Santilli had a special guest on The Pete Santilli show on Friday, Lance “The Big Mig” Migliaccio, an Investigative Journalist, and the lengthy interview was a perfect companion for the shocking whistleblower, Kyle Saraphin, who appeared on the Dan Bongino show earlier in the day, which went viral and slammed the FBI for massive corruption against the American people.

This Santilli interview is an important interview for everyone to watch to understand the important details that are about to come, according to Santilli’s guest.

Migliaccio and Santilli, each with a lengthy and complex history of being involved with complex corrupt FBI cases, discussed their individual and collective expertise with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Together they explored the agency’s use of labels like ‘domestic terrorism on the American people’ and the history of how our nation’s top intelligence gathering agencies have turned against the American people and have criminalized political activism and political participation.

Counter-terrorism investigations have been overused against the enemies of the Democrat Party, as Migliaccio explained, saying, “there is no oversight when someone is labeled a domestic terrorist. Right after Sept. 11 they started zeroing in on these powers and modifying all the laws, and it didn’t matter if it was domestic or foreign, and there is little sign off for them to use all the tools, so basically they can use them against all the American people. With no oversight anyone can be labeled a domestic terrorist.”

Americans have seen many hoaxes on average citizens and even the President of the United States, in a historic usurpation of our Republic, by the FBI, with the leadership apparently going rogue.

Whistleblowers are coming forward to expose it all, and fireworks are expected.

Migliaccio told Santilli that the FBI ‘opened up a completely new toolbox,’ saying the FBI now have ‘access to all sorts of tools to surveil soccer Moms as if they are looking for the next best brownie recipe.”

“These cases would call for a criminal investigation, If in fact, somebody was involved here on US soil with some kind of behavior that has been identified as dangerous but with that qualification of domestic terrorist, they are able to go around that,” Migliaccio told Santilli.

It would be sort of humorous if it were not so shocking and dreadful.

“The whistleblowers coming forward is going to be a massive trend, ” Santilli said about the anticipated wave of new whistleblowers coming forward to tell all about the massive amount of corruption in the FBI and in the government – in general, which looks like it has started.

It started with Dan Bongino on Friday.

“It looks like The FBI is not operating is a criminal arm of the Democrat party,” Big Mig said. “They have taken away the constraints the criminal justice system has, and now they have access to all sorts of intelligence tools.”

“The public doesn’t see the full magnitude yet,”- Santilli said.

Santilli, who is an expert on the corruption of the FBI, talked about how he had been labeled a terrorist to open the tools to be used against him and the other participants of the Bundy Ranch protest.

Santilli and Migliaccio had a detailed discussion that lays the foundation of what is expected to be a prolonged battle in the United States as the people try to regain our civil liberties back from a highly corrupt and out-of-control dangerous FBI.

“We are on a dangerous slope, this WOKE culture is flush out the patriot movement,” Migliaccio said about his experience as a government contractor who has a long list of experiences he talks about.

This is a must-watch interview. Watch here:

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