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Former Fox Booking Agent Spills The Beans On Censorship Of Peter Navarro And Other Medical Freedom Issues

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According to a former Fox Business News booking producer, Breanna Morello, media companies are altering their coverage and censoring content by certain people without explaining why to their booking agents. Morello found herself in the middle of a controversy involving Peter Navarro over his content about the COVID Vaccine, which left her feeling embarrassed and frustrated, she said in her interview with Pete Santilli on the Pete Santilli Show.

Morello went through a series of events that caused her to lose faith in Fox News and resign from her position. What she found out along the way shows what happens behind the scenes in media and news to people who didn’t obey the vaccine demands.

“Peter Navarro was on one of the shows, and the interview was pre-taped. Peter is fabulous. He’s been great from the very beginning, very honest and transparent about the whole vaccine situation, but he pretty much told our audience – Hey listen, don’t get the vaccine if you’re young because we don’t know what the long-term effects of this new vaccine is, which is logical.”

Considering the fact that young people are dying from the virus that part was cut out of the interview and aired without that section of the interview, I was a booking producer. So I had no say over the editorial content, and I got an email from Peter saying that he saw the interview and felt it was a shame they had to cut that part out.

I didn’t make the call, but I did email my higher-ups, who just do not respond.

But it was one of the many, many things I didn’t like to be told I couldn’t have certain people on because you know they’re going to say something that isn’t an improved talk, approve, talking point. So it’s discouraging, but it was when that happened,” she told Santilli.

“I don’t believe in editing people’s comments, and I knew it was over for me then when I was talking to Fox News executives about Peter’s appearance. I couldn’t work for a company that was blatently lying to their audience,” she told Pete Santilli.

Morello told Santilli the details about how her relationship fell apart with Fox News executive producers over vaccine mandates.

“I believe that Fox News waited to send me an email about the vaccine demands until I had relocated to New York with all of my belongings, threatening me with putting me on unpaid leave if I didn’t getting the jab,” she said, adding, “I reached the point where I wanted to cry.”

“Fox News covers all these average Americans who are pushing back against the Vaccine Mandate- and we say we are into medical freedom, but Fox News human resources were not practicing medical freedom,” she said, busting Fox News over hypocrisy for pushing a corporate message that they did not believe in- in practice.

“We learned from The Blaze, who did a FOIA on which media companies took money over the vaccine mandates, that Fox News was on the list,” she said.

Morello spills the beans on the action against her as someone who resisted ‘the jab’ and about the guests who were censored

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