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Hand Count On! Dominion Loses Control Over Elections In One WI County

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Have you ever thought of what the word ‘Dominion’ means? According to the Oxford dictionary-It means supremacy, control, dominance, preeminent, hegemony, authority, mastery, command, jurisdiction, and on and on.. all things that no one should be saying about free and fair elections.

Check it out:

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  1. 1.sovereignty or control.”man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature.

Why would people be ok with Americans calling vote tabulation machines authority over free and fair elections?

Finally, here is a story about Dominion voting systems losing control of one Wisconson County.

Wendy Rogers, an election integrity advocate and a member of the Arizona State Senate from the 6th legislative district., posted an important article from Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit.

Rogers was elected in November 2020. Rogers was an officer in the United States Air Force from 1976 to 1996 and has been a high-profile advocate for President Donald J. Trump.

Rogers reposted The Gateway Pundit article that has some important advice for others who are concerned about who has dominion over American elections.

“BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin County Takes Control Away from Dominion – Approves Hand Recount of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator Race in November Election,” Jim Hoft reported, adding:

Reader David sent this in:
A few weeks ago I recommended to our County Executives to provide funds for a hand count of our upcoming 2022 governor and US Senate races in selected municipalities. I emphasized this would provide proof to those of us that are skeptical of the voting machines.

The Washington County Executive Committee recently announced that the Washington County Board has provided funds to perform a hand count of ALL the votes in the entire county!

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This is a great first step. Please announce this on your website so as to encourage other counties in Wisconsin and elsewhere to do the same.

If we find the machines are not tallying the votes correctly, that will be prima facia evidence of the fraud. If the tally is correct, we’ll need to move on. But we definitely need more counties to do what Washington County has done; do a hand count to compare the two. Yes, we are counting the paper ballots not machine images.

For more info please call me any time or email. I’ve also given this info to Jefferson Davis, who is doing a follow-up.

Here’s a link to the local news report regarding the funding allocation. The important section is in the last few paragraphs.The West Bend Daily News reported:

By Grayson Sewell

WASHINGTON COUNTY — The Washington County Executive Committee voted to upgrade the county’s election management system, and to do a full recount of select state and federal elections, during their meeting on Wednesday.

“What we’re looking at doing is beginning to program all of our elections here, in-house, rather than contracting with [Dominion Voting Systems] as we have in the past,” said Washington County Clerk Ashley Reichert.

According to Reichert, her predecessor had previously programmed the election machines used by the county in-house, until April of 2016 when they had decided to switch to Dominion voting machines and contract the work out through Dominion.

Currently, the county has the “lite” version of the software used for the voting machines, and would need to pay for upgrading to the full version so they can start programming the machines in-house again. The county will be able to use the same voting machines with the full version of the program.

“It’s the same software, it’s just a program that gives me the capability of inputting all of the data that I compile already,” said Reichert. “Then I’m able to actually put it all together and finalize it all rather than having Dominion do so.”

The cost of upgrading the software and training staff is estimated to be up to $75,000, according to the committee report.

Reichert said this will also lead to ongoing expenses for the county for increased fees, but they will be included in her budget moving forward and would go through a budget amendment in the future.

According to Reichert, one of the fee increases is $11,000 more than the county currently pays. The other is for $20,000 for training and support in programming as they switch to doing it in-house, but it will only be for a year or so.

“I think this is something that Ashley should be commended for. I think anything we can do to pull things away from Dominion and have more control, and Ashley, who I think does a phenomenal job, to be able to have her hands on it, is a positive,” said County Executive Josh Schoemann.


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