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Two US Reps Slam Democrats Over Obvious Crimes By Hunter Biden- Predict Oversight Power Will Shift In November [VIDEO]

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Slamming the Democrats during a House Oversight Committee Spet. 20, Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) and Rep. James Comer (R-KY) spoke about Hunter Biden and the obvious fact that everyone sees- and the administrative state and their media are ignoring- crimes have obviously been committed:

“My colleague forgot to mention the dog collars hearing that we had here during the baby formula shortage, the electric tractor hearing we’ve had in other committees, the relentless pursuit of football teams in this committee and also the begging of energy companies to stop producing energy leading into an energy crisis in the world,” Cloud said, adding:

“And You know, that’s I don’t think the laser focus at the American people are looking for and I think that’s why was he a change here very soon,” he said, handing the mic off to Comer, who said:

“I’m giving the Democrats every opportunity on this committee to say that Hunter Biden was not influence peddling with our advisory, and I’m hearing nothing but crickets. The fact that we’re hearing Cricket shows that we need to provide oversight and we need to conduct investigations. Look, we’re not asking first tax return. You all sued and won, which by the way, I support. 

I’m glad you won that lawsuit getting Trump tax returns. I think every President should disclose their taxes, so that’s great. But they don’t have to disclose their taxes. You sued to get that we’re not asking for any information that wasn’t available to any of us before Joe Biden came in and changed the rules.

I have experience in banking. Banks don’t just issue suspicious activity reports on the Fly. No Bank wants to issue one; let me tell you why as someone who’s a fourth-generation Banker. When the bank issues that suspicious activity report, you’re inviting the bank examiners to come in your bank. Nobody wants the bank examiners in the bank any more than they’re already going to be there.

And you’re not gonna do that with anybody. Suppose any member of Congress had a questionable transaction. In that case, I’m confident that bank, whether it’s a little Community Bank like I was involved in or Wells Fargo, which by the way, gave Hunter Biden several suspicious activity reports- are going to call us first and say, hey, Mr. Raskins you just got this crazy wire from Syria in your account for two million dollars. Can you explain to us what that was? Because, you know, there are rules against doing business with some of these countries, we have embargoes again. They’re not going to issue these to the son of the sitting Vice President of the United States unless they’re pretty darn confident.

A crime was committed


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