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Topher Raps About Country And God: ‘Voting For Democrats Because Everyone Else Doesn’t Fill My Hunger For Knowledge’

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Topher, a Hip-Hop music artist, appeared on the Pete Santilli show on Monday to talk about his inspiration for his Patriotic Conservative Christen music, his great successes, and his support of President Donald J. Trump- all of that which runs deep in his life.

“Dude, I love your music,” Santilli said after playing a couple of Topher Town music tracks called The Patriot. “I released that song on Dec. 19th and then performed it for Veterans For Trump on Jan. 6th- which was at a site away from the Capitol, so I wasn’t at the Capitol building, but I was performing my song in DC at that time people were there, so that was kind of weird,” Topher said.

The Christian rappers are resonating with the MAGA crowd- so they are being hidden from the public.

“We Patriot Christian rappers are being censored now like NWA was back in the 80s, and all we are trying to do is bring the news to the streets and reflect the actual reality to the people,” Topher told Santilli, sitting in front of a couple of Billboard posters, talking about his motivation for keeping his style even as he is being shut out of some of the perks of the music business.

Topher is a member of ‘Space Force,’ whose tune- ‘Let’s Go Brandon‘ was a chartbuster. Topher with two other Christian rappers, The Marine Rapper, and D-Cure, formed the group ironically, nd got together at the same time Trump started his Space Force. It was a fitting name for them- all three artists have served in the US Military.

Here is what Toper talked about:


Topher talked about his military service and spoke to Santilli about participating on Jan. 6th, saying,” I was stoked. I’ve never been around so many people; the actual count wa,,s well, over a million. So you just had to be there to see the people there. It was a sea of people; somehow,, I made my way to the VIP, up in the front. Well, I got to see everybody on the front stage giving their speeches,, and it was a beautiful thing. You know, they probably won’t talk about it, but it was black-white people from all races, all cultures,, all languages just there to support President Trump.  And if it wasn’t for malicious attacks and just false narratives being pushed by the media, no media, I guarantee you Trump would have won by a landslide, and I genuinely believe he did once again do that.”
“It just didn’t turn out that way, and we have got to do better about going forward. This country is going down fast, and it’s going down bad. I just heard they announced another 12 billion dollars is going to Ukraine. 
You know, hundreds of billions to Ukraine, and we need money for more Americans. I know we had a Water Crisis here in Mississippi, and I haven’t heard anything about a billion dollars in here to help with their infrastructure. It just goes to show that Ukraine has something on the, on our presidency, which we know they do- for them to continue to get this amount of money and have nothing to show for it.”
So it’s just like you, man. I’m just; I feel bad for the political prisoners.  
“I am pro-family, pro-God, pro-2A, and I voted for my values, but I was not prepared for the blowback.  I dig in deeper the more they try to pull me out. I voted for the first time in 2016.  I started questioning things when I was young when I asked my Mom why she voted Democrat.  That did not fill my hunger for knowledge.  When I started looking for the symptoms, I realized it was the Democrats who did those things.
You want to hear what Topher has to say about his genre of music and other Christian-Patriot Hip-Hop artists.

Topher has a new song that dropped this week and we covered that HERE.  Find Topher Town Music: HERE.

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