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BREAKING! – The Protective Order Has Been Lifted From Dennis Montgomery in Nevada

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What an explosive week for The Pete Santilli show! After a full week of exposing the complex covers ups by the FBI upon the 2020 US Elections, Pete Santilli was already planning on protesting at the FBI field office if the agency did not commit to investigating the claims made on Monday’sTucker Carlson’s show-when Carlson’s guest- Tony Bobulinski- exposed a massive FBI cover-up.

This is how it started, which ignited Santilli into action:

The story of Santilli’s planned FBI protest in response to that FBI coverup that Bobulinski talked about on Carlson’s show is HERE.


Then this story in Friday night;s show: “The Big Mig” Lance Migliaccio talks with Pete Santilli as breaking news is released that the Protective Order on Dennis Montgomery was lifted in Nevada.”

Santilli and Big Mig, were front and center for another massive story that involved Mike Lindell and the mysterious data he has wanted to show the nation since Jan. 2021.

“Oh my goodness, the protective order has been lifted in Nevada,” Santill told Mig, just as he was getting word about Lindell’s big news.

“Wow. Wow. That is really, really, really good!. That is bomb; that’s a MOAB right there. I don’t know if you understand, or if anyone else understands but that is so huge,” Mig said.

I’m going to mark this day- right here on October 7th of 2022 will change everything. This is ruled by a judge. I need to check the docket. I need to pull it from the docket, but it has been confirmed by Mike Lindell and Mark Fincham now. This is happening,” Santill said.

You have to check out this segment from Friday’s show for the full impact:

For more background on the story of the gag order that was lifted:

Breaking News! “The World Will See This Data Now’, Lindell Says Gag Order Lifted, ‘Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming Now’

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