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GLOBALIST HELL: Out Of Control Prices Threaten Democrats At The Polls- Election Watch

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The midterm elections are less than one month away , and some people will be heading to the polls in days in states that have early voting. Elections predictors all point to people getting to the polls in outrage after watching their bank accounts getting smaller and smaller- due to out of control escalations in the price of household goods. It could be that simple.


A huge problem we have with globalists in charge of our economy- is that when the Globalist economy tanks- so does the US. For example- President Donald J. Trump had us energy independent with his America First policies. The Democrats simply hate that idea and want us tied together with the misery of other countries. Watch as radical far leftist Janet Yellen talks about the “problems with the Global economy’ which she gladly ties together with our national concerns:

For Americans who are sick of hearing the excuses about why we have to suffer with the rest of the world- over the elite’s poor choices- voting Democrats out of office is a good idea.

Even while a small percentage of eligible voters typicially vote in midterm elections, this year the average American has seen prices increases and shortages at every level of every day life and that is going to impact the elections for 2022- experts say.

According to Forbes Magazine:

“When New York poet laureate Willie Perdomo wrote “Where A Nickel Cost A Dime”, he may have been onto something. Food-at-home prices increased 13.1% since July 2021, the biggest jump since March 1979. Data from Numerator showed a 15.4% YOY increase in grocery prices and data from IRI revealed a 14.4% jump, with producer costs soaring double digits in eggs, flour, butter, crackers, bread, milk, and chicken.”

And the cost of gas is back on the rise, with reports show that the average price has risen 16 consecutive days and 29 of the past 30, increasing $1.17, including 6.2 cents Saturday and 15.7 cents on Thursday, the largest daily increase since July 11, 2015, according to figures from the AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

Radio show host Hugh Hewit posted the perfect graphic to understand the motivations of many US voters:

“Election 2022 right here,” Hewitt wrote.

Household prices is what people understand the most, and they know something is not right with the Democrats Tax and Spend policies- no matter what the elite lapdog media tell them is the reason for their empty bank accounts.

Elites, radical progressives- who have pushed us into a Green Energy hell- like Janet Yellen, the 78th United States secretary of the treasury for Joe Biden- try to push the cause for our misery onto something other than her boss.


USA Today reported on some of her recent comments:

“Many people, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, warn of possible price spikes that could send shivers through Americans this winter when they see their heating bills or pump gasoline. 

“This winter, the European Union will cease, for the most part, buying Russian oil, and in addition, they will ban the provision of services that enable Russia to ship oil by tanker,” Yellen said in a CNN interview on Sunday. “It is possible that could cause a spike in oil prices.” 

But there are other factors, too, that could make this winter more expensive. President Joe Biden’s 1-million-barrels-a-day oil release from the country’s emergency reserves is set to end in October, Europe’s energy crisis is expected to hit hardest during the cold winter months, and the largest oil-producing countries could cut production, other analysts noted. 

Biden’s inflation moves:Is Biden responsible for dip in inflation? President’s victory lap is premature, experts say

If you are tired of this horrible economy- make sure you tell people to get out and vote. We need America First polices back.

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