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Bombshell Narrative Busting Jan. 6th Video, ‘Proves Proud Boys And Oathkeepers Did Not Pre-Plan Any Attacks’

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David Sumrall is the founder of Stop Hate. come and he has spent the last year diligently combing through a massive amount of video footage from the events at the US Capitol on Jan. 6th. Sumrall is an expert and his research has led to some of the top-breaking stories about the deaths of Trump supporters that day, and the attacks on rally participants. He has been featured on numerous platforms.

Sumrall has an update to the government’s narrative about that day- and he says:  “If we can show the Proud Boys didn’t have a plan, and they didn’t have a plan with the Oath Keepers, everything falls apart. No conspiracy, no violent overthrow, nothing burger.”

And that is what Sumrall has shown with his recent footage:


If the government’s narrative about Trump supporters on Jan. 6th falls apart- then what happens to the rest of their narrative about who we are and what we represent?

Just think about this- the idea that we are all some sort of terrorists may actually fall apart.

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