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NBC Published Update That Paul Pelosi Answered The Door- Then Deleted Story! Network Pres. Has Some Explaining To Do

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Peter Santilli delivered the news on his program days ago that information from top-level sources had told him and co-host Deb Jordan that Paul Pelosi answered the door to his home on the night he was allegedly attacked, making the news go viral again.

On Friday, NBC Report Contradicted Federal Charging Statement in Paul Pelosi Attack – And Paul Pelosi’s Actions NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer reported on the Today Show that accused attacker David DePape and Paul Pelosi were alone in the Pelosi home for thirty minutes, adding other updates about who answered the door and what happened after that.

Some of the new details added:

  1. Paul Pelosi answered the door.
  2. He did not tell police he needed help.
  3. He did not try to leave the house. Instead, he walked away from police and back to DePape.
  4. That’s when DePape hit Pelosi with the hammer.

While the US Government and our law enforcement have targeted Americans for election “disinformation”, it is noteworthy to see that some media outlets are approved to cover up information and keep a faulty narrative going- as long as it supports the government story about their political operatives.

At least one mainstream media outlet, NBC, doesn’t like the story and has removed the clip of the Almaguer report.

This proves that NBC needs much closer scrutiny as a news organization.

The updated story, with new details about Paul Pelosi’s state of mind on the night of the attack, has been confirmed by numerous media outlets, who are also nothing that one media source, NBC, is actually deleting the updated story.

Here is the updated story and proof that NBC has deleted the content:

Viewers who caught the story when it was posted on NBC news show that the video had been posted on their site, with the updates:

Independent media has identified the likely source who decided to pull the story, Noah Oppenheim. Oppenheim, 44, is a Harvard Grad according to his Bio: Noah Oppenheim is an American television producer, author, and screenwriter. Previously, Oppenheim was the executive in charge and senior producer of NBC’s Today Show, where he supervised the 7–8am hour of the broadcast and head of development at the production company Reveille.





In an Adweek interview about his role, Oppenheim talked about how he sees his role in shaping journalism:

NBC News proper as a whole—everything that falls under the NBC News umbrella—we are ferociously defending the traditional approach to journalism. We’re ferociously defending the idea that it’s possible to hold the middle ground and be objective and nonpartisan. That’s our mission.

When we go and interview a national figure, whether it’s Vice President Harris or if it had been Vice President Pence three years ago, we’re going to go into each of those interviews with the exact same mentality, which is these are the folks who are running our country. They need to be held to account. What are the toughest questions that we should be asking in order to accomplish that?

I still believe in that old-school approach to journalism and being just as tough on both sides. And looking for truth and facts. Our mission is to illuminate and not advocate.

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