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Peter Sweeden: SHOCKING – ‘Finnish covid deaths OVER REPORTED by 62%’

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What a surprise!

Peter Imanuelsen

18 hr ago

Correction 21:04, 4/11-22: A previous version of this article said that the over reporting was almost 40% as that is what Finnish state media Yle said in their reporting. However, their math didn’t add up and the real over reporting figure is actually 62% which is now reflected in the updated version of this article!

You will never believe what comes next…It turns out that the number of covid deaths in Finland have been over reported by 62%. What a shocker!

It turns out that they have been counting anyone who died within 30 days of testing positive for covid, as a covid death. Wait a minute, that is INSANE. This is not scientific at all.

And this isn’t anybody saying this.

It is Sirrka Goebeler, the leading expert at THL (the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) who is saying this. It is his job to check all death certificates before they are sent away to statistics in Finland.

Brace yourself, because what you are about to read might shock you to your core.

The official number of covid related deaths in Finland was as of Tuesday 6 407.

But according to Sirrka Goebeler, only in 3 953 out of the 6 407 deaths, was covid determined to be the primary or immediate cause of death.Subscribe

In almost 900 cases listed as covid related deaths, the final death certificate did not contain any indication of a covid infection at all.

Do you understand what this means?

It means that a whopping 14% of the reported covid deaths didn’t actually have anything to do with covid after all. Remember how they every night on TV used these numbers to scare people into lockdowns? You were being lied to.

The median age of those who died of covid…

Things get even more surprising when we look at the age of people who actually died of covid, and some of the numbers here will shock you.

The average age for people who have died of covid in Finland is 85 years old. 85 years old.

Can you guess what the average life expectancy is in Finland for the population as a whole? It is 82.

“The majority of deaths occur right at the end of the natural life cycle” says Sirrka Goebeler.

So it turns out that the majoriy of people dying of covid are actually OLDER than what the average life expectancy is.

How many younger people have died of covid in Finland?

“The fingers on one hand are enough to count those under the age of 60 who would have died from corona alone after March” says Sirrka Goebeler.

So at most 5 people under the age of 60 have died from covid since March in Finland.

Not only did they overreport the number of covid deaths by 62%, but the average age of those who died of covid is actually higher than the average life expectancy in the country.

After years of propaganda and fear by the TV telling us to lock ourselves inside, don’t you think this should be bigger news…?

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